Traveling with insulin

Hi all,

I am having my first big trip (5 weeks) this month and have to take a plane (oversea)- several trains and a boat (Montreal-Venice and then find my way to Croatia)
I will have two small kids with me (very active). I am using novomix (30/70) and I have no idea how I will keep it fresh (especially the one I don’t currently use that should be in the fridge).
Any insight would be much appreciated!

Frio wallets are great. I use them for travel.

Okay. Two things. Either wrap the vials or pens in some damp tissue paper (kitchen roll is good - less bits) put the whole lot in a clippie box or similar and pop a frozen ice block in on top - the ice block will not freeze the insulin but keep the whole lot close. If you keep the box and paper in the fridge the night before and put a note on the front door to remind you to take it, so much the better! Wrap the box in bubble wrap when you take it out and it should be fine!

Or, buy a frio wallet.

More travel tips. NEVER pack your insulin into the hold of the plane. It will freeze. ALWAYS carry it on you as “hand luggage” and carry at least half of your non injectable medications with you as hand luggage too.
Make sure you are adequately insured.
Take a letter from your doctor stating that you require insulin treatment - and a list of all other medications is also good, in case of emergencies. You do not usually get challenged about this, but better safe than sorry.
Carry all your needles etc as hand luggage - you might be able to survive for a day or two without your other medications, but insulin you HAVE to have.
Carry snacks and glucose supplies - but not liquids.
As soon as you get on board the plane, DO inform the stewards that you are diabetic. I just travelled to and from San Francisco and did not inform them on the way out, and hypoed. They were brilliant, but told me that I must inform them on the way back. They would rather check on me and supply snacks and drinks etc, than have me poorly on the plane. Coming back they were brilliant too. The food I was given was not good - something had leaked onto the breakfast so they gave me one of the steward’s breakfasts - which was more substantial.
Keep drinking fluids and keep checking your blood sugars regularly, I would say twice as often as normal, as the stress of travel, altitude etc can all affect your sugars either up or down. Do not bother with the diabetic food - it is not enough and does not make much difference anyway. I would prefer to travel a bit higher.
Do not forget to sleep - give the kids some antihistamines or travel sickness pills so they will sleep and sleep yourself!
Enjoy your travel!

Thank you latvianchick and gerri.
I ordered frio wallet.
do you know what is the exact temperature inside?
Thank again

You are welcome! I do not know the inside temperature of frio wallet! Unfortunately I cannot get one on prescription and I am unemployed so I cannot afford one, though I wish to God that I could have one. However I do believe it will keep your insulin cool enough! I have never seen one in action, though I have heard about them.