What is your experience with going through the TSA image machines? Do you do it?

We go through the xray machine only (body and bag) but not the full body scanner per instructions by CDE and others. TSA usually performs an individual screen with wand and swab hands for explosive material.

I don’t go through either x-ray or the body scanner. I always “opt-out” and go through the pat down. It only takes a few more minutes and I’ve always had courteous and considerate screening agents. I just don’t want to risk messing up my pump!

I always go through the machine in fact last week on the way out I went through the machine with both pod and dexcom. The thing alarmed as I went through and I was about to explain that I had medical devices attached when the TSA screener told me to take the cell phone out of my back pocket :).
On the way home I went through the scanner with both devices on again and this time the TSA agent pointed at the dexcom and asked me to rub my pump with both hands. I told her that was not my pump and proceeded to pull up my blouse and rubbed the pod with both hands, she swabbed my hands for explosives and when she didn't find any she waved me through.
A friend of mine is a flight attendant and goes through the scanner with her dex and pod all the time without any issues.

I always opt-out. I've been told to do so by my CDE.

Even if I didn't have an OmniPod and Dexcom, I would opt-out, for personal privacy reasons.

I always go thru the body scan. I raised my top last time so they could see Dexie and the pod. They were more concerned I had placed a bracelet in my pocket after forgeting to put it on the belt! LOL. No problem w/TSA. They are learning about diabetes and equipment.

What are we not aloud with the pod and dexcom I know of catscan and MRI what about X-ray at dentist or other machinery? Is there a do and don’t sheet for dummies? Me being the dummie lol

I have gone through both x-ray and body scan multiple times with both my sensor/transmitter and my OmniPod. The body scanner identifies the pod but sometimes does not identify the sensor/transmitter. I have not had any problems. My experience has been when I day "medical device" that the TSA backs off. They ask me to touch the item that they identify and then swab my hand and run the swab through the explosive detector machine. In Canada at City Island airport in Toronto they usually only use the x-ray machine, not the scanner.

I have lived on the edge. I have never traveled with a letter from my endo, even though I have syringes for backup use in my carry on luggage.

I went through the full body scan, didn't mention the pod or dex and they didn't ask either. Went through without being stopped or any questions and both units were not affected at all.

The normal power of a standard Dentist x-ray would not harm the pod at all. They are extremely low power these days.

I travel constantly, and have been through airports all over the US as well as some in Europe, doing the same thing: I take my belt off, and the Dex, and put that through the X-ray machine with all my other stuff. I go through the scanner with my Animas pump. I let them know I have a pump, they will do a hand swap after you go through the scanner and you are all set. I have never had an issue with equipment malfunction and I have done this dozens of times.

Hopefully this helps.

I have carried a letter from my endo for the last 13 years, and have never been asked for it yet.

I never bother to put insulin into the clear plastic bag with shampoo and toothpaste and all that stuff, and have never ever been aksed about it. It has been many many years since anyone even asked about backup syringes. I think the last time was when I used to carry a Novolog pen and the needle tips, and I can't even rememeber the last time I used the pen.

Hope this helps, everyone is pretty good about diabetes equipment these days.

I keep insulin, extra diabetes supplies and fruit in an extra, small, flexible child's cooler. I don't unload it. I usually wear a fanny pack for my PDM's and phone. I always go through with both a dexcom and omnipod. I make sure it is accessible so I can do the finger-test that Clare described. Sometimes they ask - sometimes not.

I always opt out, and at smaller airports the TSA agents are usually fine, however at O'Hare in Chicago and LAX in Los Angeles those TSA agents are absolutely awful. Everytime I request a pat down they get all persnickety and talk back to me and one guy even started yelling at me, as I was just standing there waiting and waiting and waiting for a female agent to come get me, it was unbelievable.
But, I do a pat down because my CDE told me the Dexcom receiver cannot go through the x-ray machine. So I keep my Minimed pump on and my Dexcom all attached to me.
I do send through extra sensors and pump supplies on x-ray belt.
Needless to say I do not enjoy flying anymore, all thanks to the nasty TSA agents.

I'm sorry you've had such negative experiences. I've always had the opposite. In fact, many agents have been fascinated by the fact that "they make a tubeless pump now". Maybe you've just had poor luck, and I hope the next time you fly you have someone who respects you!!

I always go thru the whole body scan. No problem with Omnipod or Dexcom. Once they made me touch them then tested my fingers for explosive. The last time I went they ignored my Diabetes equipment and fussed because I slipped my bracelet in my pocket when I neglected to put it thru the machine. Go figure.