Going through airport X-ray machine with the Dexcom

Has anyone actually gone through the X-ray machines with the G5? I know the manufacturer “recommends” not doing it but I just did my first pat down and what a pita that was! I’d like to hear from people who have actually worn it through the X-ray machine and taken the receiver through the bag X-ray machine.

I leave tomorrow so please respond asap. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t do it for warranty reasons and if they recommend not doing it, I didn’t. I only fly twice a year though do it’s not a big deal. If your flying once a week , through busy terminals like Chicago or Atlanta, I understand

I go through the metal detector with the Dexcom transmitter on my arm. I do not mention it and it sets off no alarms, My phone and the transmitter (if I have it with me, but not usually with the G5) go through the x-ray in my purse. No problems.

I’ve never had an issue going through with my pump or dexcom. I always get a pat down for the pump in my pocket. That has resulted in them feeling the dexcom on my thigh, but I’ve just told them that it is part of it (my pump) and they move on. I’ve been doing this for years with a Medtronic pump and sensor and the past 6 months with Dexcom. No issues with either device. The dexcom receiver and spare pump go through the luggage X-ray with no problems.

Why they can’t just approve these devices for X-rays and make our lives easier is beyond me.

Yeah I remember taking my pump through when I used to wear it a long time ago and never had issues. I’m going to give it a try as i feel like a criminal getting a pat down. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

I did it again this weekend, and as normal no issue.

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From what I understand from Dexcom, you should not do a body scan (opt for the pat-down), and not do an X-ray of any spare sensors or receiver. Going through a metal detector while wearing a sensor will not set off alarms.

That’s the official line, but I haven’t had a problem. The sensor/transmitter shows up (obviously) on the body scan, so then they’ll ask. I can’t tell you how many TSA folks either know what it is already or then tell me about their cousin or whatever who has diabetes. I look at it all as part of our educate-the-world mandate!

I have gone thru X-ray and body scan wearing the Dexcom with no issues. Receiver and now iPhone went thru carry on bag X-ray with no issues either. Have started disconnecting my pump and sending that thru with my carry on and then reconnecting. Less hassle.

Yeah just worked fine for me! :slight_smile: