Hello All,
In February of 2012 I am planning of flying with my girlfriend to Costa Rica to see her family. Can you guys give me some insight on how to handle the TSA or tricks you do to make things a lot easier? I am wearing a Dex Com, so the sensor in my belly could be an issue. I am on Lantus and Humalog. Any input would greatly be appreciated. Thanks guys!

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm still new to the site, I should have known there was some sort of group.
And no, not at all. I am going to the Veragua Rainforest. My soon to be brother-in-law is a big tour guide there. I live in the middle of the woods here in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State, so the only thing I know is trees and wilderness. Nothing about tropical rainforests and etc. Which part have you been to?

I have done plane travel and wear a Medtronic pump and sensor ...I have been advised by MM to turn off the sensor when " the announcement " is made ...
A bit of story : my last experience flying from around Toronto , Ontario Canada to BC , Canada ...the hostess ( with the mostess ...but she really was nice ) is telling me , while I am turning my sensor off , to turn all " gadgets off " I told her am wearing an insulin pump ..the hostess thought I was " playing with a cell phone " ... apologized and apologized later on ...we are here to teach those , who don't know about those things ...onward we go !

Depends on the airport. I live in CT. No problem with Bradley, TSA is great. I told them I have an insulin pump, Just had to show them and my supplies in the napsack. Went through the metal detector, make sure you specify that. My return trip from Las Vegas to Hartford was another story. I went through the metal detector and it went off as suspected but the TSA agent started to yell "Male Alert on 6" over and over. I had to enter a booth and wait for another agent but this one's wife is a pump wearer and he was more sypathetic. So it depends like I say on the airport.

Thanks for the stories guys, I am just trying to hear everyone's imput so I know how to handle these issues when/if the issue is brought up. The only airport that I have really been through is Spokane, WA and the last time I went through it was a real pain. Didn't have diabetes at the time, but I was the lucky one who got "frisked" for securty risks.

I just got home from a cruise - left from Phila, returned from Ft. Lauderdale. I had the pump that I was wearing plus a loaner. I told them what I needed, got the patdown and was through. It took maybe an extra 10 minutes? I have more details in a blog I just posted.