Travelling insulin intake

Haven’t travelled for a long time so have forgotten what it’s like with diabetes. Given the more physical activity (walking), do you reduce the basal down and if by how much.

It depends.

Are you on pump or injections?

Pump gives better choices, including full suspension.

If pens/syringes, keep log of what you have delivered, I think there are some apps for that. But estimating for new foods will be a challenge.

Either way, always have plenty of glucose on hand.

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Yes pumping

I usually find leaving my pump settings as they are works fine. Your increased activity may be offset by increased food intake. I don’t usually stop for a gelato mid-afternoon, but in Italy I sure do!


I’m my experience, no. The stress of traveling usually jacks my insulin needs up, not down.

One big exception, though. It doesn’t get talked about a lot around here, but I am extremely sensitive to elevation changes. My scariest lows have all been when I was traveling in the mountains. Control-IQ can handle them pretty well now, though.

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Everybody is different, so no universal do this when traveling. I just got back from Portugal, lots of walking and hills, and just set my pump to exercise mode (Tandem, IQ) and had jelly beans with me. 80% of the time did not need to take additional sugar.