Treating Highs?

Other than taking a bolus dose of fast acting insulin, is there anything else you do to make yourself feel better when you’re having a high? Is there anything else you can do to lessen the negative impact of a high on your body?

Drink lots of water and if you have been able to give an appropriate correcting bolus, then walking will help burn off the extra blood sugar. If you are high (> 250 mg/dl) and are unable to obtain a corrective bolus, then you should probably not perform any form of exercise.

So…if you are high…you aren’t supposed to exercise?! My son did that yesterday cuz he thought it would help lower him and he didn’t use insulin… later he went down but has been on a rollercoaster since. The high was cuz he checked between meals to go on his bike ride. He was 303! He just went for the ride and ate and bolused later. OOPS… probably not good?

Yeah, it’s dangerous and it can cause BG to go even higher, and drop ketones in the urine (as exercise is stressful on the body)… particularly, if dehydrated.

No excercise above 250 is a general recommendation. This may be an appropriate value for a marathon but not for usual sports activities. Insulin is the imperative in this case.

But it wasn’t meal time yet to correct it. He doesn’t have a pump. It wasn’t the full 3 hrs yet. Should we still have corrected the 303? I get the no exercise now… won’t do that again. Just read your answers to him.

Yes you should correct it, but use the correction dose not the I:C, or you could run the problem of too much insulin. And exercise with high BS is not a good thing as Liz and Holger pointed out.

Before a couple months ago I never ever used to bolus the best way I found that works is a little sleep that gets it down (sometimes a little to low).
Drinking plenty of water.
Cleaning esp hoovering(works a treat both on the carpet and bs levels).

He had like 6 good days in a row and now we just can’t seen to get him off this roller coaster! He is 203 corrected and ate. I will have him check again in 2 hrs and then just do a correction w/no food. School is always good for keeping him in good to low numbers…weekends seem to through him off.

Do just what you body normally would if you did not have D. Add the insulin first and as many have noted, drink water. Don’d go to sleep unless you are totally confident that the bolus and food in your system will result in normal BG. Exercise will not help until there is enough insulin in your system to get the glucose into your cells. Generally this is ~<230 with normal insulin level, depending on your own body.

One thing many people miss is that the bolus will take longer to start lowering your BG if it is really high, vs how fast the insulin starts to lower BG from a normal BG level. Patience is the key here also.

The other is lay off food until you know that you are stable and your I:C will cover the food w/o a rise in BG. This is because you may, depending on the reason for the high, make it difficult to keep control of the BG. The more stuff you throw in the mix the more it remains a mystery and the fight will continue…which is very frustrating.

So I suggest a bolus, water and patience. It will pass.

i see my endo next week and plan to ask about this because i noticed after swimming my reading was 232. before swimming it was 188 so the increase confused me. i was really looking for it to be lower after exercise. drinking water does help, also walking.

Water has always helped me and, of course walking. I heard raw onions are supposed to be really good in regards to lowering bg#s… but I’m not sure … raw onions doesn’t sound too appetizing… ((shuddering))

Thank you. He is still high. I will go check him again soon.

When I get a high I normally drink about 3 bottles of water then go for a run or something. Once I get back I play a little on my wii because that keeps me moving as well. And a lot of times that does bring it down may not be down to target range, but down.

This morning he is 158. That is with even doing a correction at midnight. Hope this week is better now that he is back being active at school. He is going to need totally different numbers on weekend then in week if this continues to be a trend.

Drinking water for me also often does the trick…about 2-3 glasses. Then sometimes I will take a break and walk around… personally, it takes away about 15-20 when I retest…

Someone mentioned poweraid zero…will that work as good or even better than water to bring down a high? I can’t seem to get my son to drink water in the amounts that would help him but he would drink Poweraid Zero.

I found if its a little high, a good walk will usually bring it down enough. but you gotta watch out if its too high, exercise can be a bad thing… Aka… as someone mentioned before… ketones… And water always is a good choice when your high, itll help your body process the sugar out… but it is NOT a substitute for a correction bolus. …I know… You might want to try ketone strips again… I know most people (myself included) stopped using them eventually on MDI’s… but as most pumpers find out… ketoacidosis is just a pump failure or kink away…might use that as a guide… I forget what impact exercise has if you dont start with ketones… I think you (can) end up with trace to small ketones after heavy exercise pretty much regardless of what you do but please confirm this with your endo/exercise physiologist

For the first several years after I got diabetes and was taking one injection a day of NPH, exercise was the only thing I had to lower my BG (no short acting insulin which wasn’t part of the plan back then) so I would exercise if my BG was high (actually if my urine was high since I didn’t have a BG meter either) - sometimes a lot and until it started to come down (I was rowing crew in college for a couple of those years so was used to lots of exercise). I never had any trouble, and it always brought my BG down. It is important to have enough water, but I’ve never found that water by itself will bring my BG down unless I’m dehydrated.

The initial question was whether there was anything that would make you feel better with a high BG - I found that in addition to lowering BG it would make me feel better too - I would run until it felt like the high BG fog was lifting.

Fast acting insulins and blood glucose meters have made those the first line of defense, which is good. But I will still sometimes exercise after bolusing to start feeling better faster. This may not work for everyone - maybe I’m less apt to go into ketosis - but for me, at least, the recommendation to not exercise if BG is above a certain level has never made sense.