Treating hypoglycemia


I use sweetarts to treat lows. They are 2 grams of carb each so I can treat milder lows easier than overdoing it with larger carb doses. Even though it's candy, I'm not a tart candy lover so it's not tempting to me to eat them when I don't need to.

Ugh, I also hate glucose tabs, but I still use them. For mild lows, I use jelly bellies, but for more-than-mild lows I use the glucose tabs. I have also used the liquid glucose, but that is really expensive.

Try the GlucoLift tablets. More expensive probably, but they're all natural, non-GMO, and no corn syrup.

I use the Dex 4. I don't see any corn syrup in the ingredients. The grape ones are a bit better than the others. But basically I don't expect them to taste good, because I think of them as medicine, not candy!

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I use a "real" coke when I have a low and if that's not around I put 2 ts's of sugar into avery little bit of water. I know the coke has corn syrup in it but if all else fails try the sugar & water. Don't fill the glass full of water b/c it tasted TERRABLE but put about a fourth glass to a half glass of water in it then put the sugar in it. Just saying if ur having a bad low it will help bring u out of it

It might be hard to make if you have shaky hands or anything during a low. Good suggestion would be to make ahead of time and keep covered in the fridge or something.

Or just buy Juicy Juice boxes! Super portable.

The last time I had a low at work, I had to take the seal off of a new bottle of glucose tablets....good thing it wasn't a really bad low or I would have passed out before I got it open. I think it was on with super glue!

What about those little straws and the paper they're wrapped in with the juice boxes? Ha I'm not sure I can get those open even if I wasn't low! :) I keep thinking there must be a trick to it and I'm missing something...

sugar water was ok 60-70 years ago when they did not have glucose tabs but i'm talking about carrying something in my pocket to use when not at individually wrapped b-d glucose home i have no problem just use anything very sweet.

Skittles aren't a bad choice, although they can be difficult to swallow down when you're hurrying to treat a low. Lately I've been using Rockets, although they only have 7g of carbs per roll so you'll need to take at least 2 full rolls.

Anyone else use sour patch kids? I'm also not a huge sour candy person, so it's a good little boost of sugar without letting me go all the way.

I use juice boxes that I carry in my purse, I especially like the apple-strawberry DelMonte and I don't find the straw difficult to open, i just push it out, just have to remember pointy part out and then in!
Also carry jolly ranchers, they are about 6g carbs each so I don't need more than 3, and I carry the tablets cause I know they will only get eaten in case of a really bad low, so they are always at the bottom of my purse... of course I carry a fashionable BIG purse :)
Don't get the liquid spray, I thought I would be awesome not to have to munch on something but, after a couple of uses the spraying pump gets clogged and its impossible to even get it open.

I use skittles that I've repackaged into tiny ziploc bags. They're one carb each, I usually eat 3-4. If I'm home I scarf whatever goodies the kids left laying around :) Juice boxes made for toddlers - 15g each - next to the bed. I haven't had a problem with the straws either, if I can't work out which is the pointy end to push out ripping with teeth works!

With my daughter we use those rocket candies. One pkg is 7gms. They are small, super portable. No freezing or melting so we leave some in the glove box of the vehicle, in jacket pockets, backpacks, anywhere. I also have a few rolls of them tucked in the pocket of the meter case so they are always handy. During he night if need be, we use junior juice boxes (14CHO)

I find the DEX4 Tropical Fruit & Wild Berry are the best tasting. Personally I find Dex4 easier to eat than the old B-B tablets which I thought were like chalk. The 1gram Sour Berry Glucose bits are also OK. But as Zoe said I consider them medicine not candy. I also prefer glucose tablets as they are easier to get an exact dose of glucose.

I have found the best selection at They have often have sales or free shipping.

I use the glucose tab too but if I get too low (which happens more than I like) I can't chew (brain funtions low and sometimes I have trouble swollowing g0t a guaconagon kit for that that someone eles administers to me) Just saying that if u catch uit in time try that it is affective waaay faster (to me anyway) than the pills are.... Another thing I was told by a paramedic years ago wat to keep the icing that comes in a tube close to u incase u have a bad low. The icing is made out of almost 100% sugar.

OMG total nightmare during a low. LOL!

Yep, easier to get an exact dose, more rapid acting than sweet foods, and unlikely to overdo them and end up high. That roller coaster is really not a good thing for our bodies. The only time I've overdone glucose tabs was the one time I went unconscious and then came to but it was like moving through molasses to act. I was unable to make sense of the clock (remember how long since I'd taken the glucose tabs) and unable to count the tabs I took. And, of course, I was scared, not having an experience like that before (or since). So I just kept eating them till I figured I'd eaten enough and of course was high later.

I am currently on a jelly bean kick. I like the Star Burst brand (no black ones, which is my least fav flavor).