Trend Lines

Well i suppose this isnt all about trend lines…it is more about your cgm trends, cgm avg bs, meter avg bs and your a1c.

My trends are sometimes flat but most of the time they ping pong up and down…sometimes slowly sometimes quickly. I have changed my basals, my insulin to carb ratio’s, diet, etc—no matter what i do, i ping pong.

With this ping pong life style, i have done pretty good to correct and keep myself from running over 200 for hours on end. I am lucky…my post CGM A1C’s have been 6.0 and 6.1. But, my CGM average BS for 3 months was something like 142, my meter said 160 for the 30 days (this makes since since i almost never meter check outside of calibration and/or when i am over 180).

I guess my question is, do you think your CGM prepares you for what your A1C will actually be? if not, do you find yourself plesantly surprised or the direct opposite?

My CGMS certainly DOES “prepare me” for the A1c result-- in fact, since I can request averages over longer and shorter time periods from the Dexcom software, I’ve been able to tell them what it’s gonna be!

So, in the last 18 months, I’ve had no surprises at all. exactly right a few times, off by only 0.1 most of the time, and off by 0.2 just a couple of times. It’s too bad they have to keep poking me for the tests, because my Dexcom graphs can give the exact same result-- it just isn’t LEGAL to use them as an official medical record test result.