Tresiba and travel

I am traveling to Paris France and was wondering if anyone can give some ideas on how to dose my Tresiba. Currently I take it in the am, which means if I stay true to taking it every 24 hours I would then take it in Paris at 5 pm the day I arrive. I’m a bit nervous changing the time of day I take it and would like to stick to taking it in the AM but am unsure of how to do this??

Thank you!!

Maybe start adjusting the time before you go so its closer to a match when the travel date arrives.

Tresiba is super forgiving I doubt you’d notice much difference no matter what you do… whatever you’re most comfortable with.


I agree with @Sam19. The glucose control that Tresiba achieves seems unaffected by dose timing as long as you take a dose in the 18-36 hour range and keep doses at least 8 hours apart. I think Tresiba is well-suited to crossing time-zones. Happy travels!

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How long will you be there ? When I travel no matter where I am going if I will be there less than 7 days I change the injection. If more than 7 days I will gradually advance or delay it for days before each departure.

I live in Franceand visit family stateside at least 3 times a year. Generally, 3 days before travelling, I start to take my toujeo 2 hours earlier than usual, but as you are going the other way, you’d need to take yours 2 hours later. After 3 days, you’ll be ready to fly, and when you arrive, you can t
take yours in the morning, French time! However, as another member pointed out, both toujeo and tresiba are very forgiving. A word of caution: diabetic airplane meals are NOT low carb…

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On the contrary, they are very high in carbs. Sort of like in the hospital, the last thing an airline wants on its hands is a hypoglycemic passenger. I normally just order the regular meal and decline the bread, dessert, and other items loaded with carbs. There are almost always both meat and fish options in First Class/Business class and Business-first classes and airlines will customize meal and time of service on request. I also bring backup chopped walnuts on board and emergency candies to be able to deal with almost any delay or other situation at the airports or in-flight.

In coach the options are far more limited but there are still options. It is also wise to check with airlines as many passengers do not realize that airlines like United, especially on international flights have 10 different special meals to choose from and some may be better than their diabetic option for a diabetic.

United Airlines Special Meals