Tresiba Basal Insulin


Have you seen experienced any weight changes with Tresiba?


No, not noticeably.
I have had a steady weight for years.


@swisschocolate that’s cool… hope that is my experience also. I was going to start Tresiba last
night, but I have a job interview this morning so I thought it better to start tonight! Cheers : )


bon courage! :four_leaf_clover:


I started tresiba 1 month ago after using lantus for 4 years. at first it was pretty level. I was taking up to 25 units of lantus and experiencing lows in late after noon and lows from the time dinner wore off till 7am. have to get up during night and eat carbs(oj which wears off quickly) yogurt etc. Now on tresiba I’m down to 20 units per day and the same thing is happening. After 130 at night my dexcom alarm will go off a couple times before I get up at 5. Really lousy sleep. Iast night I had turkey soup with acorn squash and French bread. No humilog bolus. By 9pm my bg was up to 285 and peaked at 300 but I woke up once at 1:30 am and it was 185 and then fell back asleep till 4:30 and bg was 60 and dropping. I need some advice on how to level out my bgs at night so I can sleep. Have tried 18 units but have highs all day long. Thanks for any advice.


Are you able to try Levemir? It is much more stable than Lantus and the nice thing about it is you can split the dose and take different amounts for night and day, meaning you can take less at night if you are going low.


We ran into the same problem, only opposite shifts. My daughter needs more basal through the day and less at night. I guess that’s the major benefit of pumping. If Levemir works for you, like Scott Eric said, you can split your dose unevenly. We ended up setting her Tresiba dose for what keeps her level all day and she goes to bed at a higher number because she will slowly come down overnight. Maybe you could try setting your dose for 18 and increasing your I:C ratios and correction factor through the day. We also found that 2 units either way makes a huge difference - she is on the 200u/ml. Maybe the 100u/ml Tresiba would allow you to tune that in a bit better (since you can increase or decrease by 1u instead of 2)


Hi Swiss - I started on Tresiba about 10 days ago and am battling morning lows - I saw an early post of yours noting the same ‘problem’ - how did you end up resolving - a decrease in units?



Hey Scott - were you experiencing morning lows? I’ve been using Tresiba for about 10 days now - my pump basal was about 19u - down to 16u of Tresiba and still low from around 4am - 8am… sos


I was at first and kept lowering my Tresiba dose. I think it’s possible I still had residual Levemir in my system though. Someone might tell me I’m crazy, but I’ve found Levemir tends to linger in my system, as when I’ve taken it for the very brief pump vacations in the past I’ve found I have to lower my pump basals for a few days after stopping it. What time are you taking Tresiba? Maybe try it in the morning or earlier in the day if you are taking it at night?


Ya maybe - I’m taking it in the evenings right now - for me to drop from in range to low with no fiasp on board seems quite dramatic (and it happens within 4-6 hours). Changing to morning doses based on the profile of the insulin shouldnt change things - it’s meant to have a steady profile. Oh well - I’ll try more reductions and if that doesn’t work I’ll try morning doses.


Yep, it shouldn’t matter what time it’s taken at, but as I’ve learned few things ever work like they’re supposed to with this disease!


hi, i was able to lower my insulin until i was stable through the night.
I had a pump basal of 24 and am now on 14 tresiba (+/- 2 units). works pretty fine.
My goal was to get a stable night, as throughout the day i am better able to correct with the bolus insulin (for highs or for lows). dont be scared to reduce the insulin step by step under careful observation :slight_smile:


So I got a letter from my new pharmacy coverage for 2018. Said they do not cover Tresiba. I don’t want to switch to anything else cause Tresiba is the best.


Hi @swisschocolate - Finally getting around to giving Tresiba a go - and going through all the threads making me feel excited. I’ll be going off my pump around 2300 … and as you say … on the pump your basal was 24 (mine is 14-16 depending on what Program I have it set on) … and I’ll go from there and see if I go lower. I’ve never injected a large amount of insulin before in one shot … so this will be interesting (e.g. with Levemir where I X3 every 8 hours … the most I inject is 6 for afternoon shot). Who knows maybe I’ll be able to take less … but trying my best to prepare for a deep woods experience with portaging … and wanting to be “off the grid” (pun intended - wifi will be very limited). I’ll have my trusty Dexcom G4 with me during that time … triple wrapped in a snack bag incase I get plunged into one of the rivers while canoeing. @borijess - not sure where you live … but I’m in Canada … where the province of QC seems to have the best price for the prefilled pens (not liking this since I’m used to using the 1/2 unit pens … but maybe since your posts back in 2016 @swisschocolate … the crowd that Tresiba is aimed for … Type 2 … just found it too difficult and time consuming to place a new vial in a pen that’s refillable and doesn’t add to the land waste we humans create. No prescription needed to purchase insulin in at least Quebec / Ontario @borijess and with your great value of dollar … you’ll get more bang for your buck. I’m not attending any diabetic meetups / conference in US since this January … so my usual bringing some good insulin (e.g. had brought Fiasp to Duncon for Alexandria attendees to try out when it wasn’t allowed in the USA) . I also have no insurance for prescriptions here in Canada … but so far … touch wood … since having no coverage … the evil cancer hasn’t crept back in my body. Okay … off to see if I can find any other tid bits from folks with experience. Tresiba / Fiasp here I come !!!


We’re in Ontario. My teen daughter uses tresiba and it’s not covered so far.:frowning_face:
She uses about 2/3 of the dose she had on levemir. She also injects her dose equally in 3 locations because we find the absorption more stable and longer lasting than one 40u injection in one spot. We love it. It’s not perfect to match basal needs but with some tweaking of timing, were pretty happy overall.


@FatCatAnna - I wouldn’t just go off your pump when you start Tresiba. It takes 3 days before you will have a level basal, so you can’t just inject the Tresiba and take off the pump.

I would personally take the full injection of Tresiba, and leave the pump at about 30% basal. On the second day, inject the full dose of Tresiba again, and reduce the pump basal. On the 3rd day, when you inject the Tresiba, stop the pump.

Your Dexcom will be your best advice. Expect some rises and/or drops for the first 3 days. Then adjust as needed.

When I switched from the pump, I used about 80% of my pump basal as a starting point for the Tresiba.


Dan @kmichel if only I’d seen your great advise before I cut the ties with Ziggy (Animas 2020). I did keep him on though until he ran out of insulin and was using him (with NovoRapid) for my correction / bolus shots.

I think you maybe the “man” to have some good answers. Especially if you see my latest new post about timing of the shot to avoid hypos during the night.

Until we meet again … online here that is … thank you very much!!


@sprocket1 - thanks from another Ontarian :slight_smile: I’m going to be reducing my Tresiba by 1 unit tonight (wish pen was a 1/2 dose pen … waaahhh ) - having lows lately - that I don’t get when using Levemir (I found that such a great insulin - with perfect basal testing - but I took it every 8 hours - which allowed me to change the amounts depending on my activity … much like you can do with an insulin pump). I’m getting lazy in my old age … so I thought the experiment with Tresiba (hate the nonrefillable pen needles - such a waste!!!) … is worth giving it a go. I know a few other diabetics … Type 1’s in Ontario who swear by Toujeo since they’re very insulin sensitive and prone to hypos … and found Tresiba to not be the greatest for them.

I’m always experimenting though, what have I got to lose? :slight_smile: