Tresiba Dosing

Hi. Does anyone know where to find dosing information online? I have seen the generic info of start at 10units and 80% of your insulin, but I am looking for more detail. I am taking 20 units and still getting too high during the day and doing more Humalog than I like.

Have you read the Tresiba package insert section on dosing? In particular, this section:

You mention Humalog, a fast acting meal-time insulin but what about basal? Are you taking any basal or long acting insulin? Are you satisfied that your insulin to carb ratio used to calculate your Humalog dose is correct? Do you pre-bolus your Humalog and allow it some time, say 30 minutes, to start working before eating?

If you’re satisfied that your insulin to carb ratio is good and you’re good with your pre-bolus time then it sounds like increasing your Tresiba dose would make sense. Realize that Tresiba dose changes are best done with a 2-3 day interval between changes. Due to its 42-hour duration, Tresiba takes that much time for it to reach a steady state since it’s taken in 24-hour intervals.

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