Tresiba Side effect - extreme headache and eye strain

I just started on Tresiba yesterday on 14 units/day. I took the injection in the evening at 8 pm and at 9 pm today.
Yesterday, after about 1 hour after injecting, I started severe headache and eye strain. Today, again an hour after injecting, I started having severe headache…
Has anyone else experienced this? What do you do to cope with this? thank you!

You could try taking your Tresiba dose in the morning and see if the headache symptoms follow. If you still get symptoms in the morning then you could rule out any other time-of-day triggers.

When I used Tresiba I found it to be tolerant as to what time of day I injected.

Good luck and welcome to TuD!

I didn’t experience the side effects you’re describing while on Tresiba, but it ended up not working out for me very well because it didn’t match what my body needed during the day, and it took a very long time for each injection to start working (making dosage changes complicated). After being taken for several days, Tresiba is supposed to have a flat insulin profile. I need more insulin in the evenings and less in the mornings, so other basal insulins work better for me.

My initial reaction to your question is to ask questions. Tresiba usually takes several days to ramp up to where you get that flat profile. Is it possible that your blood glucose levels are running high because your insulin is not at full effect yet? I experience headaches when my blood glucose levels are high, and vision can also be affected by high blood glucose levels.

Or perhaps you need more/less insulin while on Tresiba than you did with the insulin you used before- did you change the number of units/day when you switched insulin?

If your blood glucose levels have been good, then maybe it is best to call the doctor?

I take Tresiba in the morning around 6 am. I
have never had any problems with it. I haven’t heard of anyone having side effects with this insulin,

I hope that you can quickly find out what is casing your problems.

Welcome to the group. According to their web site 8% of type 2 ‘s get a headache. I have taken this for years once a day in the morning and have had no issues. Again welcome. Nancy50

Every body is different. In my case, Tresiba has had no side-effects while doing its job. I take 21 units every 24 hours. I have tried various short fasting experiments – no carbs at all – and it appears if I never ate carbs, my BG would remain nearly flat all the time. I love it.

I was recently in the hospital for other reasons, and they did not allow me to use my own insulin but did not have Tresiba (eventually they administered my own Tresiba to me). BG levels were way out of control.

To achieve such flat levels, it is clear yesterday’s injection tapers off after 24 hours while today’s shot slowly ramps up at roughly the same rate, achieving the flatness we are seeking. This tells me it probably takes several days of same-time injections before it functions as intended.

Sorry in your case it has side effects.

Thank you Terry!

Thank you all for your replies!
Appreciate it!

How are you doing? Nancy50