Tresiba vs Lantus


I switched from taking Lantus twice a day (15 units on the morning) + 15 units on the evening to taking 40 units of Tresiba 20 on morning + 20 in the evening). Taking once a day Tresiba 30 units did not work for me. I got high blood sugars on the evening.

My haemoglobin A1c level is 7,5.

Bur my sugars are constantly around 8 throughout the day. Usually 8 in the morning. If 8 in the morning im fasting until lunch.

I try to get them down to around 6. I’m on a ketonic diet and I mostly eat eggs to breakfast, lunch + dinner chicken and unsweetened greek yoghurt and snacks in between to treat lows are apples. Salad is tomato, cucumbers and green leaf salad. Ketonic diet seems to not raise sugar levels. But with this diet i run into lows as well pretty often between the meal times.

I’m still kind of new to this diet as well. And im experimenting on whatever to take insulin to the meals when eating this diet or not. I decided to give it a try to see if i can get my sugars down.

Does anyone have any inputs on the dosage of Lantus in this case? or any other tips to get the blood sugar levels below 8?

Are you type 1 or type 2, or possibly early LADA?

Maybe question should be whether to start a bolus insulin with meals. Maybe slower acting Regular in your case of keto/low carb.

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I agree with @MM1, you need to add a bolus insulin even if you are eating ketogenic. Protein in eggs will convert to glucose and spike you, but at a very slow rate meaning Regular insulin is the way to go instead of Humalog/Novolog, etc. Tresiba works very well for some people and is useless for others. Personally I prefer Levemir as it is very predictable, easy to split without overlap, and easy to make dosage changes to every 12 hours as needed.

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