Tresiba Women - adjust dose for hormone fluctuations, activity etc?

My DD (Type 1) is about to switch to Tresiba from Levemir (x2/day). I haven’t been able to find an answer to this in the forum. With Levemir, she was able to increase her Levemir dose for hormonal monthly fluctuations and decreased dose on days of increased and prolonged physical activity. Is this necessary with Tresiba, or best to keep the dose the same and correct/adjust with bolus?
Thanks everyone.

From my experience, it’s probably still necessary, but others who’ve used it would disagree, so her experience may vary. With Tresiba, any adjustments spill into two days (on any given day, your basal is part what you took that day and part what you took the day before), which makes some kinds of short-term adjustments more challenging, but might be fine for hormonal shifts. She’ll probably need to just try it though to see how it works for her.

I have quite marked monthly fluctuations with regards to blood sugar control.

I used tresiba for nearly a year. I didn’t find it as flexible as levemir, in terms of adjusting… would actually reduce the dose once I started getting morning lows, and increase it again once I started getting highs.

I am now back to levemir.