Trick or Treat?

This felt timely with Halloween on Saturday. I’m sure many of us have had that one night where trick or treating lost its allure. Here’s mine:

I read your log about trick or treat and it made me sad my son was diagnosed in november when he was six almost 9 years ago. his blood sugar was 952 when we went to the hospital probably in part form the halloween candy he had been eating. ever since than halloween has never been the same for him either. At first he would go out with his sister and I but he never seemed to be having any fun. I did allow him to eat some of the candy every now and then. After a couple of years he just wanted to hand out candy and hide and scare the kids coming to get it. He never really said that it upset him but I could tell that it did. There are times when I know he just wants to forget about this deases and be like eveyone else.