Trivia Question #20

This action burns 3 calories.

What is it?



talking for one hour

I agree with Saundra…smiling


eating Celery


typing on the computer

talking on the phone


It’s kissing!

Sorry Debb - I didn’t see your response. I was actually giving the same response. Shouldn’t have put the question mark in there!

You are right Leah, did you google it??

I thought these were the best answers of all. I think we should all get a happy dance for these. This includes you Karen so don’t think you can get out of it. You are such a fun person.

ummm… maybe… is that against the rules? :slight_smile:

ahhhhh yes :slight_smile:

You are all very welcome, but I do get these from another site I belong to, my friend Suz from OR she is on this site as well, so perhaps seek her out and thank her, that would be wonderful if you all did that.

She is thrilled that you guys are enjoying these so much, but really the thanks is to her.

Maybe you all could post on her page to thank her. :slight_smile: