I can't stop laughing ;-)

I don’t want to start a social network slug fest about who’s social network is the best. Especially here on a meta social network. But, I did just find the following group on Facebook:

“Coalition to start pronouncing “diabetes” like Wilford Brimley”

As an aside, there is a tudiabetes group there too. I’m sure Manny would be happy to see that group with lots of friends.

Rofl I like it!
I also found a group called: “Bloody Hell, Why Isn’t There a Diabetes Group?”
(there of course HEAPS of D groups there now)

The TuDiabetes group that you find on facebook belongs to TuDiabetes. we also have a YouTube and a MySpace page. These help our members keep in touch with whatever medium they choose.


Thanks for the info, and for the other sites as well!