Trouble helping my husband manage his diabetes

Thank you VERY much for explaining this all in plain English! I was trying to figure out exactly how to do the basal testing and every place I tried was making it seem much more complicated than it is. You really broke it down and made it seem so simple. We'll be doing this testing sometime soon as his numbers are settled and he has his strength back. Also, it's nice to know that we might not want to split the Lantus 50/50, it might be better to weigh heavier on the morning dose. Good to know.

I never thought about testing with small amounts of specific foods. We do have foods that we each a lot more than others so that could be great to know just what those are doing to his sugar. Thanks!

I am getting TONS of good advice from everyone here and we hope to make progress in understanding what is going on. Thank you for your good wishes!