Trouble shooting help

Hi everyone here is my new reality. I used to be in range 97-98 percent but lately I’ve been having stubborn highs and some lows too.

I pretty eat the same as always. And I dose the same. However on a new pump and I have sat for hours troubleshooting it to rule it out.
Today I bolused for lunch and went high and corrected twice to bring it down. It took 8 units but should have been 5 and it stayed hi a long time.
Tonight I bolused earlier and also more than I should for the carbs. And I stayed in range barely. I had to wait to eat till I was crashing to achieve this tho. And even then it’s not terribly pretty.
I don’t get it. Sometimes these highs will last 3 hours and I hit it with 10 units over the 3 hours and it takes for ever. My average meal is 4-6 units historically

I don’t have gastric paresis symptoms but I wonder if something like this could be happening because when I’m not eating my numbers are good.

God I hate this disease esp when it makes no sense

First pic is today second one is yesterday

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Man, that’s good data. Makes me curious what mine did today. Yikes. Haven’t looked at it all day. What the heck happened at 2am?

You just change to Omnipod or something? Are you sure that communication is being established between the controller and the Pod? Did you wait and listen for the beep confirming that communication was established? It might not have even delivered the bolus the 1st time you tried.

I think that’s what happened to me at 2am. I got up, ate a sandwich to bump it up a little, pod ran out of insulin, I changed it, got distracted and didn’t establish communication when I attempted to bolus a 2nd time, so the insulin was never delivered.

You’re on a t:slim now, right? Are you doing Basal-IQ or Control-IQ? You’re gonna have to show more info if you’re using pump automation. Either a picture of your pump screen or a screenshot of the t:connect app so we can see if an incorrect setting is screwing with your pattern.

A lot of people have trouble after the switch. You gotta remember that just because your told the previous pump to deliver five units, doesn’t mean that’s what was actually delivered. We have to learn to forget the “devil we know” and learn how to appease the new one. You’ll get it eventually, though.

It may not even be gastroporesis, but any other bug wreaking havoc and making things difficult.

If you’re running Control-IQ, there are tricks to making it more aggressive.

If you’re doing Basal-IQ and you can’t justify the lows with an over-bolus (or rage bolus because of the annoying high), then you might need to raise your correction factor a little bit.

And @mohe0001 is right, a lot of Type 1s would kill to have a “bad day” that good!

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Well it’s just different for me. I’m on a tandem pump. Using control iq.
I don’t know that it is correcting right but more than that I can’t figure out meals.
My basal is really good a night it does real well keeping me flat but it’s meals. Look at the 2 days. My lunch was the exact same food exact same insulin with 2 totally different results.
I’ll post my tandem screen if I can figure how

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You’re right, it doesn’t look like Control-IQ is behaving badly. I don’t think it’s the settings. You’re right, that’s got to be frustrating. Maybe a silly question, but how do you know you ate the same thing both days? Pre-packaged with a label? Did you weigh and prepare things yourself? You know the whole KISS philosophy (keep it simple stupid), is it possible that you actually did eat different meals that can’t be compared?

Note: I’ve been completely volatile myself lately. My husband actually used the glucogon on me 2 days ago, a first in something like 20 years. Fever just kicked my butt even though my insulin had been suspended most of the day and I ate an entire pint of canned peaches with the syrup an hour prior w/no bolus because I was low, drank 2 juice boxes, and moved onto straight dextrose syrup under the tongue… Still lost consciousness. If I can’t fix my own problems, maybe I can help with someone else’s!

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Are you doing sleep mode at night only?
The black drop with 1.98 shows a bolus correction by IQ, so assume you are not in sleep mode at that time.
I also see a few long suspends (red line 0 basal), followed by increased basal, then the black drop. I had this too. I think the longer red line suspends set up this pattern, since the duration of zero/lower basal (active) extends into time period when basal resumes. Tends to be a rollercoaster ride when this happens for me, but if I catch the extended zero basal I do a bolus to compensate.

But needed a break, so currently doing IQ off, and retesting basals, with some changes and will then try again.

I have been eating the exact same lunch all week to figure this out. 2 hard boiled eggs. Pre packed fruit watermelon honey dew. And plain yogurt with 2 strawberries. All prepared all exactly the same.
I’m trying to bolused sooner but it still does that thing where I drop low then it jumps up sharply.
And down Again.

I think when you go below 112, or it predicts you will, it reduces/zeros the basal, and is what I think leads to quick rise and overshoot to prevent low.

Do you use wizard to enter carbs, or since you have “known” meal, directly enter units? I think this contributes to my case when I eat my “regular” meals. But I automatically tweak dose, based on various factors, so had rarely used wizard on Medtronics pump.

So I used to just guess. I would say yea that’s a 5 unit meal and I was pretty spot on. My doctor tells me to not do that but to use the wizard. But really I’m calling 50 carbs 60 anyway cause I want to avoid going high. I think when I go low and it cuts off my basal is actually cause in this but I can’t be sure

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Just some food for thought, no pun intended … the carbs in fruit can vary greatly, even prepackage fruit.

Why not try your theory on foods which don’t vary in carb count.


I find the same but mostly when I don’t leave my prebolus enough before I eat. I need to keep from eating until my readings drop and then things are not bad. Also don’t forget your liver stores sugar and releases it back into the blood stream when needed. However this can change due to a lot of factors so check to see if stress has increased recently