Trouble sleeping and high sugars?

Hi all,

I have been having trouble sleeping due to night sweats. Does anyone else have this issue? And how does poor sleep affect your sugars? It can’t be good for you to miss out on good sleep, right??

Poor sleep leaves me with high blood sugars and insulin resistance. I will at times overheat and be woken up, not because of hypos or sweating, mostly because my wife and I have very different views of optimal temperatures/blankets and I lose.

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I assume you’ve ruled out hypoglcemia-caused night sweat. I have had this issue from time to time. Sometimes I experience it with high blood sugar, +200 mg/dl. At other times I suspect it is related to my thyroid as I understand the thyroid plays a role in body temperature regulation. I’ve raised this issue a few times with my endo and it didn’t arouse enough interest to elicit any action. She’s said that my medically treated hypo-thyroid is in the normal range. I don’t have complete confidence in this assessment.

I’ve also found poor sleep leading to tougher to control blood glucose.

Terry - it’s not related to a low blood sugar. When my blood sugar is low, I wake up and immediately need to eat. This is not the same sensation. I just sweat like crazy and it interrupts my sleep. My thyroid has been normal ever since I was treated for Graves’ disease about 10 years ago. I wondered if it was diabetes-related or girl hormone-related. The major issue is the bad sleep - so grumpy and blood sugars are high!

This seems like an issue that any endo worth his/her salt could investigate and help. I can’t help you with the girl-hormone issue but maybe Gyn-doc could help. I realize that doctors cannot fix everything and sometimes we must learn to live with certain things. Sleep-interruption is a quality of life issue and it seems worth the effort to pursue medical evaluation and possible treatment. Good luck!

Brian - my husband and I solved this by making up the king sized bed with two sets of top covers at one point. Two twin top sheets, a twin sized blanket on his side, and then the light king size cover over that. There’d be times he’d be bundled up in all of it, while I’d have only the sheet. We were both comfortable, though, and I didn’t have to worry about him stealing my sheet since it was separate from his!

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Sometimes night sweats can be caused by using polyester bedding. I woke up on our coldest night of winter last week and had to change my pjs. I have all cotton bedding apart from the polyester/cotton cover to my quilt. I am going to have to give in and get a cotton cover.

I’ll check out the content of my sheets and bedding - maybe that will help. Thanks!

I haven’t noticed a change in BG due to too much or too little sleep, but I do notice that when my BG is high I get restless sleep and/or insomnia.

I get night sweats but mine are primarily due to peri-menopause and/or low BG.