Truvia - a new sugar substitute

Has anyone heard about Truvia? Apparently it has no calories and is made from Stevia.

Hi Anne,
I had not heard of Truvia before now. But I have been using Erytyhritol and it is really excellent. I have used it in making some granola bars with chopped nuts instead of cereal.
Do you use the Truvia?

I have never heard of the Truvia until I started drinking a Diet tea made by Coca Cola called Gold Peak Tea. I think it’s the best diet tea I have ever tasted in a bottle. It reminds me of my Grandma’s Sweet Tea except w/o the sugar. They make an unsweetend tea but I haven’t found it. I am trying to see if the tea has any effective on my Bg’s…so far it hasn’t.

I have not tried it yet but think I will look for it in the store. It sounds good. I am glad to hear it did not raise you BG. Thanks

I haven’t seen it in the stores here yet, but I have been using Stevia/Stevia Plus (it has fiber added), and unlike fake sugar that still raisesmy bg, this does not.It has a slightly licorice hint to it…but I think I would prefer that to something more processed that didn’t have it, as more processing usually means more chemicals.

It is funny,before “truvia” Walmart used to carry stevia…now they don’t…funny coincidence. Thankfully it is mail orderable,and whole foods is opening in days here,and they carry it…