Trying out a needle instead of the plastic catheter

My dear diabuddy has some needle/catheters (sure T) for tubing with her medtronic insulin pump and they haven’t expired so I have decided to try them out. I’ve always used the catheter that only requires the needle for insertion but have experienced many problems with the catheter bending and leaving me with a sad bump each time it’s time to switch sites. I’m hoping this needle will work better for me. Has anyone tried both? Any recommendations?

Can you check this link and tell us which set you are talking about ?
I’m not aware of any minimed infusion set where both needle and plastic cannula stay inserted.

I use the quick-set, where the spring loaded inserter device is used to insert the needle + cannula, and then the needle is removed. This has worked well for me for over 10 years.

Thank you :pray:t4: for sending me this message. Correction I’m using the first one listed the SURE-T infusion set (today is Day one)
but normally I use the quick set infusion set. Hope that makes more sense!

I tried the sure-Ts only once and didn’t like them. Long ago I used the silhouttes, before they had quick sets. I tried the Mio but had a hard time twisting the set and getting it to release, but I know many folks really like them.

There have been others that posted about sure-T, so you will likely get more input.

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the “catheter” is called a “cannula”. I despise them. they can kink (and did so, many times for me). I only use Sure-T’s as a result of too many “no deliveries” and also Sure-T’s are far more comfortable for me. Some folks don’t like them, however. YMMV

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I have worn both the quick set and the sure-t. I have had more success with the sure-t infusion set while with the quick set I had more “no delivery” messages. I do have trouble finding a spot that doesn’t hurt as I am pretty thin.


@KatBB I use the steel cannula sets almost exclusively. I change them more frequently than the plastic cannula sets, but I find them to be much more comfortable.

Can I ask why you change them more frequently? I go as long as I have insulin in the reservoir and I shoot for about a 3 day wear, but sometimes go longer. And I don’t even fill the 180 reservoir.

Generally I use the steel sets for 3ish days . I try to not go longer than that or I start to get slowly increasing muscle pains, especially in the arms. The plastic cannulas I have gone a week or more (even though we are not supposed to?) before I get the same pain or they start to tunnel. I enjoy how easy and quick the steel sets are to place, and the bonus extra attachment point (because I will rip a set out otherwise).

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