Medtronic infusion sites-which one?

I’ve been using the sure T infusion site with the needle instead of the cannula for the Medtronic 630G. Recently I’ve been having problems with the needle going in all the way. Not sure if it’s because I’m not putting it in as well as I used to or because of scar tissue. I’ve been looking at using the quick set with the cannula since it has an insertion device. I’ve never used a site with a cannula so I have no idea what to expect. Does it cause more or less scar tissue than just the needle? Are they comfortable to wear? I find when I even lean on the sure T it aches sometimes waking me up in the night. Just wondering about people’s preferences and experiences.

Thank you

I hate quick sets. they nearly caused me to stop pumping, after almost 10 years. they kept occluding (kinked cannulas were the cause). they cause more tissue damage and angry raised red marks around the sites. I will only use Sure-t’s now. I get about 1 occlusion every couple of years instead of several (or more) a month.

I have been using quick sets the last 15 years, and prior to that silhouettes.

Both worked fine for me. Some prefer silhouettes since you can control the angle and depth, so seem to work better for folk with less fat.

Have you asked your doctor for samples, or called medtronic? I have always been able to get samples to try before switching.

there are different lengths of Sure-T needles. When I insert, I simply hold it against the skin lightly, and then give it a fast TAP with my other hand’s index finger. It goes in like a hot knife through butter. No pain, and it always goes in all the way. I cover it with an IV3000 to prevent the rare, but annoying accidental loss of a set from a sideways blow to my body from my activities. I’ve lost a few from that, that weren’t covered with an IV3000. I’ve never had one pull out if it had the IV3000 over it.

Hi there, I hope it’s ok if I ask you a couple questions about your experience with the quick sets. I’ve heard of people having problems with kinked cannulas. Does this happen often and is it painful/can you tell when it has happened? Also do you find them comfortable to wear or do they hurt when bumped or leaned on?

I have only had one or 2 quick-sets that I had problems with, and either pulled immediately, or sooner than the average 3-4 days that I normally get. They are very comfortable for me, and don’t hurt at all. I insert mostly on my stomach, but also some on my backside/hip area, as far back as I can reach. Occasionally will insert in my thighs. But probably 85-90% on my stomach.
I used silhouettes when I first started pumping, over 20 years ago, maybe before quick-sets were available. Probably started quicksets 15 years ago.

I have heard of others having more issues with quick-sets, and prefer the steel sets, as @Dave44 mentions. I have tried the steel sets, and did not like them.

I suggest you get samples from your doctor, or directly from medtronics. It’s the best way to find which sets work best for you.
Ask your doctor or CDE which they would recommend based on your body type, and how often their patients had issues with kinked sets. Some have more success with silhouettes if they are very lean.

Thank you for getting back to me this was extremely helpful to read! I am planning to reach out to my diabetic educator and see if they have some different samples I can try. It has just been so frustrating to have sites that constantly fail, especially when so many people have so much success with the steel needles. I’m thinking I might need an angled site but I want to try different ones out.

Thanks again for the reply I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


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I really like quicksets, and I’ve been using them since I got my second pump (I’m on pump 4). I have a decent fat layer and almost exclusively use my lower belly. I think my cannulae are 9mm, and I’ve had maybe one or two blockages, after leaving it in far too long (7 or 8 days). Mostly I can get away with at least a week, with no scar tissue over the past 19 or so years of pumping. I absorb pretty well 99% of the time.
I initially used Sofsets, and I found them far trickier. They’d move and kink and even come out.
Quicksets were a revelation, and so much easier to use. I think I’ve only inserted one by hand, the rest I use the insertion device.
I’m not a fan of Mios at all. They feel weird. I’ll use one if I have to, but only in an emergency.