Trying This Out

I’ve written a blog before but I’m finding there are few places that I can openly vent about my experience with diabetes with people that understand first hand. I guess I’ll start at the beginning. I was diagnosed in early May of the year. I had just finished my last final of the semester and was ready for the summer to begin. I had great plans for this summer since it would be my last before I graduate college in December. I went to the doctor on campus because I thought I had a bladder infection. When the did the UA they found glucose in my urine. They called me the next day and told me to come in for a finger stick test. They didn’t really tell me what that was or why they wanted to do it. My fasting BG level was 245 that morning. When the nurses took it they sort of gasps and talked amongst themselves. The doctor explained the results to me in a very clinical and detached tone. “Your sugar is high, this means you have diabetes. I suggests you find a primary care physician.” Then that was it. I always thought the loneliest place in the world would be on some deserted island in the middle of the ocean but it turned out to be a lemony fresh disinfectant smelling room sitting on top of the nosy white paper that covered the examination bed. All I knew was that I had diabetes, no clue on how to treat it, how it happened and how it was going to effect my life. I soon found out that diagnosis was the easy part. Telling my family and friends was much worse. My dad took it in stride and said that we would over come it. That I would beat it into remission and views my diabetes like the flu. If I take my medicine it will all go away. My mom blamed herself. I forgot to mention that I’m half Asian and have ate at least one bowel of delicious white rice everyday of my life since I could eat solid food. She couldn’t to believe that rice, the food that her entire diet was based around was bad for me. Even now two months into my new diabetic life she asks if I could eat just half a bowel. I may come off as