Trying to decide on a pump

Hello! I am new to the group! My son was diagnosed in Nov with type 1. His DR gave us some information on several pumps to start looking at. We definitely want to go this route. He just had his 4th b-day and still doesn't fully understand what diabetes is and why he has it. We think we like the t-slim but it is new and that makes me nervous. I was wondering if anyone has small children on this pump and how they like it. The other pumps we are looking at is the revel minimed and the onetouch ping. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!

Pump therapy is a wonderful and effective way to control diabetes. With your son being as young as he is, it may seem as if he has been dealt a blow that he doesn't deserve, and I applaud your willingness to treat this life-long commitment head on with a pump.

I know the T-Slim seems to be all the rage, and indeed, it is a nice looking pump. With its touch screen and cool look, it appears to be the latest in technology. What I don't like about the T-Slim is that it must be recharged almost daily, rather than a battery replaced every three to four weeks. Also, the tracking software that keeps and generates reports on your computer for use by your Pediatrician and endocrinologist is not yet available, and there is no due date for it. Also, it is important to consider durability, due to what a four year old will give that pump over the next four years. T-Slim is not yet proven to be reliable.

Both the Mini-Med and the Animas are good pumps. Personally, I use the Animas. I chose it because I liked the colour screen, the remote features with the meter, the food catalog, and its many fail-safe features. The Animas is a very durable pump, and has stood up quite well for me in improving control. It measures in .25 units, gives good reports through two different tracking software choices and the infusion sets don't need a separate inserter. The Animas is completely water proof, and is the only the only pump on the market that is.

The Mini-Med is also a good pump. The Revel series has a built in Continuous Glucose Monitor in it, and also has some remote capabilities, similar to the Animas. It does not have a food catalog. The Mini-Med has good tracking software and is a very durable pump. It does use its own infusion sets, and most of those require the use of a separate inserter.

Were this my choice, I think I would look less at slick features, and more at durability and ease of use in the long run. All the best to you in your decision.

I can recommend the Medtronic Pump a lot. I like the look of the T-slim and it appears to be a very well thought out device. I was utterly clueless about pumps when I decided I wanted one and just went with what the doctor recommended. It seems sort of primitive, w/ the LCD screen and scrolling through menus for certain information, for example std dev takes 14 button pushes to located. Once I was used to it, it became a no big deal type of issue and I don't even think about it. I check the CGM and bolus and adjust basal rates while I'm bicycling (VERY CAREFULLY, on the path w/ no traffic! ha ha!), running. I moved from a 523 to the 722 and it took me a while to find everything but, on the other hand, I didn't bother w/ the manual too much either.

I've had a couple bike wipeouts w/ the Medtronic and it survived them all, although two of my teeth and lips got torn up in a face plant, which I used to see if lip blood was the same as fingersticks, which it was. I also fell on it a few times at martial arts classes and it didn't have any problems w/ that. I got an error once after a 14 mile run in 87% humidity. it was a "Button Error" message which I read later may be related to wet buttons or something like that. It was under warranty and they sent me a new/LKQ one immediately but, perhaps eerily, I decided to run the battery down to see what would happen but didn't want to listen to it (holiday weekend and we were partying...hee hee..) so I put it in the freezer and, the next day, it was dried out and seemed fine! I still sent it back because I wasn't 100% sure of that repair method but it impressed me that it "recovered."

I like the one gizmo CGM of the Medtronic a lot. I like to go running and, between carbs, Gatorade and my iPod (occasionally the meter but not always, as I'm often comfortable relying on the CGM...), I don't really have room for another gizmo in my "rig". One caveat about the Paradigm CGM is that the needle is rather intimidating. I don't mind it because I like to pretend I'm a hard-■■■ but I would be leery blasting a 4 year old with it although, growing up with it seems to make kids pretty tough themselves? There's a new model developed that's not available in primitive countries like the USA which is supposed to have a friendlier needle that I'm really looking forward to!

I use a MM pump with cgms and its great. If it were my 4 year old he would be wearing a MM 523 hooked to a 6mm Sure T or a 45 degree polyfin (if he were very thin ). Best of luck with the little fella. He will be fine.

Hi, I know just how you feel! My four year old was diagnosed last February, it will be one year next month. We put Cody on the Animas Onetouch ping and LOVE IT! It is so nice having the remote so I don't have to directly deal with his pump each time I give him insulin. He wears the pump in a little spibelt around his waist that makes it very comfortable for him to run, jump, play and bounce around with. I also love that it is waterproof. I usually take it off when we go in the water, but last week he jumped into the hotel pool before I could remove it. Thank goodness it was waterproof or the pump would have been toast! I highly recommend the ping, and could go on and on about it but I should get going, I have 5 boys of my own, and somebody always needs something......Let me know if I can answer any other questions or help in any way. One more thing, if you decide to go with a pump I recommend using a numbing cream when you are changing his insets, it eliminates any/all pain and discomfort when putting on the new inset. Why not make it as painless as possible for our little guys! Take care!

With a child that young, I’d stick with a pump that has been extensively use in the pediatric population. I’d choose either the Animas Ping or Minimed Revel.

Thank you all so much! I really appreciate all the feedback. I think we are leaning toward the animas onetouch ping now. Thank you!