Pump for a toddler?

We are getting ready to put Jude on a pump. He is 15 months old. I am looking for some suggestions on what type you think would be best!

Hi Kate,
I agree with Dave that you should get demos of each pump you are considering. We contacted the companies directly and they were more than happy to send a rep for an in-home demonstration. We also went to a pump class at our Children’s Hospital Endo Clinic. They will show you all the pumps available on the market and talk about the pros and cons of each one. You just have to look at them and figure out which best will fit your needs and best for your son.
My son has been on the pump now for 2 weeks (Medtronic MiniMed 522) and so far so good. He is almost 10 and diagnosed Jan 22, 2009 (close to your son’s date). We chose Medtronic because they probably have the most advanced technology as pumps go. I think Animas is up there too. There’s also a web based site where you can upload all the Blood Glucose levels and keep track of them. I have to say that everyone we’ve dealt with at Medtronic has been WONDERFUL! (But keep in mind they want to sell you their product). Good Luck with your decision! BTW…your son’s such a cutie!! God Bless him.

I met a couple at a JDRF meeting back in April - and their daughter has been diabetic since age of 3 months. She is now 4 years old - and was going to be going onto the Animas 2020 pump. I myself am not saying that either pump is the better. They are both good (have used Medtronic). What made me switch over to the Animas is the small increment of insulin that can be used. Medtronic didn’t have that option - and because I sometimes use very small amounts when I bolus - it’s perfect for me to stay balanced (plus Animas has cool colours for their pumps - the little girl was getting a lime green one - not that your son will notice that at his age ).

I agree you should try all the pump brands and see what works best. Any pump of any brand will be a great option for you to keep Jude healthy, you can’t go wrong! Animas is waterproof which is a plus for kids (especially as he gets older and more independent). And the finer increments for bolusing do help alot, I use an Animas and this has been so useful for me. Minimed is the leader in pump manufacturers and they make a solid pump. I have a friend who has used them since the late 80s and he rants and raves about them.

It is your choice if you want to try the Omnipod, it is a viable option for many pumpers. Become informed and choose what pump is best for you and Jude, that is what is most important. I will say that people who use the Omnipod swear it is awesome and so worthwhile. Some parents are having success with the Omnipod system for their kids but I have never used it so I can’t give you my opinion on how well it works. Check out the videos for a little boy named Caleb, who’s mom makes YouTube videos of his pod experience. I think it offers some real world insight that you don’t get from educational, how to videos that the manufacturers will give you. Check the videos out here.

Is Accuchek’Spirit available other than in Canada ??.. a Roche product . I knew of an adult, that used this brand pump .
I am a Medtronic 522 wearer and know very young children , who wear MM 522. …get samples/demos !!! Mom , take care of you too !!

I’m personally on the animas ping which I love but I’ve heard some parents of toddlers prefer the pod because there is no tubing to pull on … they stick the pod on the top of their buttocks & parents have the remote…no buttons for toddler to mess with although the other pumps can be locked…really just talk and demo each company

omnipod will send you a kit, you can stick it on Jude for a couple of days and see how he takes to the idea…

Some parents swear this is the best thing since sliced bread. It couldn’t hurt to research this option and try a sample pod at least. BTW, the failure rate has improved dramatically according to many users. It is an option for many. It isn’t right for me and it sounds like it isn’t right for you but in order to make an informed decision, one should look at all options available, don’t you think?