Trying to get my A1C down!

So, Im new here to the whole website…just wanted to share my story…I’m a Type 1 with a perfectly healthy 4 year old son. Im trying to get my A1c to an acceptable level to have baby number 2! Any suggestions? My sugars were the best they’ve ever been while i was pregnant with Brandon (the 4 yr old)…he was a surprise…when i found out i was pregnant my a1c was a whopping 13. Needless to say we got EXTREMELY lucky with him. During my pregnancy my a1c never went over 6. it was amazing. I’m trying to get my lazy butt back to the gym, and start checking my sugar more…i was just wondering what everyone else was doing to prepare???

Here are a couple things that reduced the swings in my blood sugar:

I started bolusing 20-30 minutes before eating (effective, but you MUST eat on time to avoid awful lows).

Reducing basal rate to 50% for two hours starting 1 hour before exercising

Trying to eat less carbs (I still don’t do low carb, but more like 30-60 per meal)

Good luck!

  1. Trying to get a CGMS. I think it’ll help.

  2. Testing 8-10 times per day. My endo wants to see my A1C below 7 (which it is finally!) and preferably below 6, but more than that, she wants my standard deviation (range between highs and lows) lower than it is now. (I think it’s at 60? Can’t remember off the top of my head.)

  3. The gym. And I hate the gym. My diabetes educator would like my BMI at 26 or below. (I’m now at 28, and was at 30 just two months ago.)

  4. Weight Watchers - I’m down 11 pounds and cut my insulin intake from over 50 units to approximately 35 units per day. (Again, with the BMI goal and using less insulin and eating better!)

  5. Not killing all my pregnant best friends as I help them decorate their precious little nurseries. laughs And most of all reminding myself that we each have our personal obstacles. They are not me. They do not have diabetes. So I consider myself on the baby road. Just taking much slower, more deliberate steps. I will get there. And my babies will be beautiful.