Hi mommies!!!

Well, I posted a couple of days ago about my desire to have a baby but needing motivation to lose weight and check more often. My last endo app. my a1c was 6.7 and he wasn't very discouraged by that but said to continue to aim lower. I fear my appointment Monday may result in a higher a1c number though because I started back teaching in the last 3 months and wasn't as careful with numbers (I was also taking Symlin which I need to go back on).

Anyway, on to my next question. It's hard enough to work on bringing my a1c down even lower but my endo suggested I lose 30 (THIRTHY) lbs!!!! UGH... I knew I need to lose some lbs but not 30. I am currently at 165 and I'm telling you I have tried evertyhing and can lose 10 at the most...30?!?!? How can I do this in a decent amt of time to start trying and/or is 165 at 5'2 really that dangerous?

My cousin who is 5’3 215 had a healthy baby boy.She had to have a c-section but she healed just fine. I lost 30 lbs for my wedding in 5 months by going to the gym 5-6 times a week and eating under 800 calories a day. However, I’m still overweight and almost 10 weeks pregnant.I thought the docs would be discussing my weight as a main concern from day 1 but none of the specialists seem super worried about it, not even the dietician. When you actually get pregnant, doctors kind of change. Their main focus (for my doctors anyway) becomes A1c all the way.

You can try to lose as much weight as you can but let your A1c be the most important factor. If you get your a1c closer to 6 and you feel ready to try…go for it! When you get pregnant you can focus on “not gaining” a lot of weight. Also, you’ll have your Endo, OB and nutritionist to help guide you along the way. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Very good advice! Thank you! I can do the exercise…it’s just having the mind set to eat better. I can’t believe you only ate 800 calories whilie working out though…I would pass out. My doc adviced 1200?

My docs definately did not recommend the 800 calories per day. My sister and mom convinced me to buy my wedding dress one size too small. So I went extreme and was freaking out worrying about if it would fit or not. 1200 is way more reasonable and safe. Eating habits are the hardest to change, especially long term but I know you can do it! The baby will be worth the struggle :slight_smile:

SO true! :slight_smile:

Do any of you mommies out there mind sharing your weight at your time of conception. I’m just curious as to what to concentrate the most on right now because it’s hard struggling diet AND having good numbers although I will continue to try because I want this SO badly.
My other questions was, in order to have a fasting number around 80 and a post meal number under 140 would you guys just bolus if you weren’t at those numbers. I NEVER have that good of control over my numbers and just want to know how. I usually wake up around 130 and have a post meal around 180.

I was about 147lbs at 5 weeks pregnant so I was probably around that at conception. I am 5ft 4 inches. Hope that helps!

I’m 27 weeks pregnant now. I was told to bolus to correct to 5.0 prior to meals which I think is 90 and then check blood sugar an hour post meal. If it was high, I checked again 2 hours post meal and corrected to 7.0 (126, I think). I talked to the diabetes nurse specialist every week and she was great.

It took IVF to finally become pregnant so I spent 2 and a half years really looking after my numbers, My HbA1c was 7.2 at conception as far as I remember which I spent 2.5 years trying to get under 7.0. It is now 5.5. Not sure how that happened because I’ve done nothing differently!