TSlim Autosoft 30 Infusion Set

Hi all. I’m new to the Tandem autosoft 30 infusion set. I switched from the autosoft 90, because I was getting tons of bent canulas inserting straight down. The 30s are working better, but I’d like to use my arms, and these infusion sets seems to require two hands. Has anyone successfully inserted one in their arm without help from another person? What are your favorite sites for autosoft 30?

I was on the T:Slim for about 2 years before moving to Looping with Dash. I would recommend tru-steel sets. I would always get bend cannulas with the auto soft sets. With tru-steel very easy to slap them in on the back or your arms and never a problem with cannulas again.


I don’t use Tslim, but I’m not sure how I would be able to manage inserting some of the infusion sets. I use my torso area only for infusion. I save my arms for CGM. With practice, I learned to insert sensor and transmitter, use adhesive, etc, on my right arm by using my left hand. And, I’m right handed. It took a lot of practice, but I’m really handy with it now with both hands. For some reason, I think the infusion is more challenging to do with one hand, except that the Mini Med Mio Advanced is very easy and simple to use with one hand. You might check and see if it’s compatible with Tandem.

I saw a chart recently that showed the equivalent of Tandem supplies, as compared to Medtronic. I’m new here and I’m not sure I am allowed to post it. Anyway, it’s Medtronic, but if it works with Tandem pumps, it might be an option. Someone around here may know more about it.

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Hi. I had the same issue with bent cannulas. I now use the autosoft 90 but only around my belly and hips.
I used the steel for awhile, but found that my body could only use these sets for two days at a time before I lost a lot of my insulin delivery. I know every person’s body is different but just if/when you make the change, it might be good to track your blood sugars closely.

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The steel sets are only indicated for 2 days use.

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