In case you run out of TSLIM infusion sets

Just about a week ago I got my new TSLIM X2 pump with infusion sets that match my Medtronic Mio infusion sets. As I was changing the cartridge and infusion sets, I noticed that the Medtronic clip on with tubing fits the TSlim cannula and vice versa. I then tried a Medtronic cannula attached to the TSlim clip with tubing and it correctly pumps insulin. I have left over Mio sets from my Medtronic pump. In case of dire emergency the cannula would work with the TSlim clip and tubing.

It’s been a major gripe of mine about what I should legally do with leftover infusion sets or expired sensors. I can donate an old pump but they don’t want expired anything. I always have one old pump in my stash just in case of something like the Zombie Apocalypse but hoarded supplies can come in quite handy during a pandemic. Yeah now I don’t have to dump them in a medical waste repository.

Yes they are made by the same company actually.
I just wish the tubing was the same.