Tslim infusion site change vs cartridge change

I just got the T4 slim. I am supposed to change infusion sites every 3 days. But the cartridge holds 300 u and when I’m due to change the infusion site and tubing I’ll still have 100 u left in the cartridge. I’m not about to throw away 100 u of insulin! If I leave the same cartridge until it starts giving me a low cartridge alert and then just add a new full cartridge won’t this mess up the alert the pump sends out when it’s time to change infusion sites? I guess what I’m asking is when you change a low?cartridge does it automatically want you to change infusion sites again?

I don’t fill my cartridges all the way. I use almost 120 units in three days, so that is what I put in the pump.
You can change the site. If you have to fill the cannula on an infusion site, it should kick you over to the screen to update your change date. If not, you can choose the option under the load menu and change the date.
My endo worries that the insulin will degrade after three days, even though Tandem says it won’t. I’ve just been following her directions.

My daughter changes cartridges as needed (usually 4-5 days) regardless of site change schedule (2 days). If insulin is affected by the length of time in the cartridge, it isn’t enough to affect her BGs. She doesn’t use the site change reminder but if IIRC the alert is based on cartridge change.

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I put enough insulin in my cartridge for 6-7 days. And I use it all. I don’t always get 3 days out of an infusion set. If I change early I just reset the reminder. And I can change to a new cartridge without changing the infusion set.

If you want to change both out at the same time, I’ve withdrawn the left over insulin in my old cartridge and have added it to new ones with no problems at all. I can usually get about 4 and half days for me with a site change, but there are work arounds for the cartridge and left over insulin

kitkat2, I’m researching switching to Tslim X2 (on Animas now). Could you share how you remove insulin from on old cartridge and add it to a new one? I’m concerned about the cost of “leftover” insulin in a cartridge. Thanks.

There is a little white dot on the Tslim cartridges where you insert the syringe needle to fill it with insulin. It’s made of a material similar to the material on vials of insulin. I think you can just reinsert the syringe needle and withdraw the insulin.

If you do reuse insulin from the old cartridge to the new, you may want to consider only doing that every other cartridge change.

I change infusion sets every three days - pretty much like clockwork. But it can take me anywhere from 65 - 8 days to empty a cartridge. You don’t have to change the cartridge every time you change your infusion set - nor do you need to change the infusion set when you change the cartridge. In the “load” menu you choose with procedures you are gonna do.