Tslim low basal rates

Is there anybody on this site who is on the tslim and has basal rates below the tslim minimum? How do you manage your basal rates? Just wondering. Thanks.

When using Basal-IQ or Control-IQ, the lowest basal increment is .5 unit.
But the B-IQ or C-IQ would raise or decrease, or set go to 0.0.

The settings are a starting point to use when no cgm, since with dexcom and IQ, the pump will adjust basal if that function is turned on.

Given your low basal, my guess is it may bounce you up, down and zero. Didn’t you give it a try and return pump?

Yes I did. They tried giving me .100 every other hour in order to make my .050 basal through the night but I was having alot of lows. There must be an easier way to make things work. I also have a .050 at lunch time too. Night and lunch are my times when my basals are low.

I did’nt have the controliq feature yet.

Here is example of basal changes by CIQ.
My setting is .75, that not seen in this case.
But if my bg jumped high, C-IQ could temporarily use .75 until my cgm was heading back to in range.
The green area is the cgm bg trend.

Below that is the blue “bar gragh” shows increments of basal as it is adjusted based on cgm.
The red lines (no bar) means no basal. That s was automatic, and once cgm trend going up, it returns to basal not 0.

(Not great color choices by Tandem, and with my color-blindness, hard for me to see the green cgm line on the green background).

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@Dee_Meloch, Someone reported that insulin pump users could contact insulin manufacturer and request diluent and bottles for dilution, to meet minimu pump basel rate. Search this forum for the post.


I totally think this could work well for you, Dee. Especially with the experience that you have gained so far in trying to work this out, and with the helpful tips listed here. I think you could make this happen!