Tslim pump

I was playing with the tslim simulator app and was wondering if anyone thinks that there are alot of steps to do a bolus? Compared to my 630 there are more taps as opposed to button presses.

It’s actually really simple. It can be an lengthier process if you use the bolus wizard, but you don’t HAVE to do that. You can quick bolus just by pressing the one button on the pump, or you can still go to the bolus screen and just type the amount you want to deliver and ignore the other data entries.

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Agreed with @Robyn_H, plus once you get the hang of it, it does go fast!

Good, because I want the tslim for my next pump. I am counting the months. It’s only 10 months from now. It sounds like alot but when I started counting it was 21 months. I suppose I can use the quick bolus for alot of my foods as I eat alot of the same things. I am so anxious and excited to get this pump. I would like to take alot of the burden of managing my bloodsugars left to the pump. :slightly_smiling_face:

I timed and it takes about 2.3 seconds.

I have a question that is only semi-related but does touch on the t:slim functionality.

I have had the dubious pleasure of spending the last five days in the hospital (not diabetes or COVID related - uncontrollable bleeding after biopsies in an endoscopy). While there, I somehow landed on a screen in my X2 pump that was headed something like “current status”. It listed the current basal, etc.

I can’t find that screen any more. Can someone tell me where it is, I’d be grateful. The ward nurses (obviously completely pump-uninformed) keep asking questions that I have to go to a lot of screens to answer but are all on that current status screen.

On the positive side, I have been asked by the chief of staff of the hospital (my surgeon) to give an insulin pump inservice training session to the nurses once I’m whole again.

  1. Unlock the Pump…1-2-3
  2. In the upper right hand corner you will see the number of units currently in your pump(i.e. 95 U). Tap that section of the pump with your finger.

You should see the Current Status screen.