TSlim sets off metal detector?

I’ve set off the metal detector twice since wearing my (new to me) t:slim pump. I have Pre-Check to avoid pat downs, but had to get one just now, or go through the X-ray machine, which I didn’t think was a great idea with my new pump.

Anyone else experience this? It’s so frustrating.

I know I can detach the pump and let them hand inspect, which I did once, but since I wear it on my thigh it’s quite awkward to detach and reattaching required going into the bathroom…

Thanks for any ideas or experiences!

I have always carried a card that has my endo’s name address and phone on it. They have also signed it. Don’t get patted down and I show they the device to prove what it is. Saves a lot of hassle. Never go through the metal detector.


I get patted down the vast majority of the time when I travel. I declare my pump to the metal detector/scanner person they take me aside swab my hands and pat me down. Never any issues.

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I was told not to go through any type of device with the T slim. In addition we are supposed to remove for having x-rays done. I have gone through the devices at department stores without a problems.

I wear mine in the pump holder on my softy belt that way I can access it without having to remove clothes etc. if you don’t like it to be visible you can wear a shirt which is longer or a jacket that covers it. Softy belts and cases- made out of soft flannel- are the most comfortable cases I have found and since I sleep with it on so I just wear them all the time. A lot of people clip their pump to their pants etc. however I found when I did that or put it in my pocket it fell off or fell out.

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that’s as bummer as my Medtronic pump doesn’t set off the alarm and I hate the pat-downs. They literally “feel me up”. It’s disgusting and time consuming, with the pat down and the hand and pump swabbing. Gawd, I hate flying these days. Take me back to the 1960’s when it was fun and the stewardesses actually did things for the passengers like: FEED US!, get us blankets, get us pillows, get us magazines, let us stand near the front bathroom…I could go on…

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You really shouldnt be letting your pump go through ANY airport scanner. Heres a thread when one was damaged:

Get to the airport early and get a pat down.

that doesn’t work at the San DIego airport when u are there for a connecting flight and THE NEXT GATE REQUIRES THAT YOU WALK OUT OF THE SECURE AREA!! Our flight was supposed to board in 10 minutes, and there we were, walking out of the secure area, and then to a BUSY TSA checkpoint to get to the gate for our connecting flight. I begged TSA to help us get thru quickly,. Instead, they did the slowest pat downs and hand wipes (for explosive residue) that I’ve ever experienced in any airport. We have made a mental to never, ever book a flight that has a connection in San Diego.

Thanks but I don’t know how you can not go through either a metal detector or the scanner, or get patted down…?

Thanks @meee. I wear mine in a similar belt (tummietote) and showed the pump to them, but still had to get the full pat down. But since I wear it on my thigh usually, I had to reach into my pants to detach it, which worked with leggings, though was not that comfortable to do in a public place! Doesn’t work with jeans though…

Thanks @Dave44 . I agree, it’s a bummer. My past Medtronic pump and my pods didn’t set off the metal detector, so I breezed through with Pre-Check! I love the t:slim, but looks like I’ll have to leave time for the full pat down now… :grimacing:

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My first few pat downs were done without them feeling me up. The last 2-3 times, they aggressively felt me up, like pervs. Disgusting. I can’t imagine how embarrassed some folks must get (male or female) when TSA does that to them in front of everyone.

That’s too bad… I’ve had many pat-downs, (because before I got “pre-check”, I always opted for the pat-down vs the full scan) and I’ve had the most polite, kind TSA agents do a (very thorough!) full body check. It’s disconcerting, but never felt invasive any more than the whole procedure is… Thanks everyone for your responses!