Does T:SLIM trigger airport security walk-through MAGNETOMETERS?

I’m seriously considering abandoning Medtronic pumps after 18 years and getting a t:slim, however, I work for an airline and must pass through airport security walk-through magnetometers daily. the Medtronic pumps have never set off the metal detectors, but if the t:slim triggers the magnetometers it would be too big an inconvenience and possible t:slim deal breaker for me, so I really need to know.

could t:slim users please tell me if their t:slims trigger walk-through magnetometers? thank you for your help! Biff

Yes, every single time. Had I known before, I might have gotten another Animas Ping. That one never set it off.

My Vibe (essentially the same as the Ping) sets the alarms off every time.

I use the Animas Ping and I can reduce and almost eliminate magnetometer alarms by removing the metal belt clip and sending that through separately. Does the t:slim have a removable metal belt clip?

Since I must declare that I have an insulin pump in my pocket, the TSA always pulls me aside for a hand swipe test.

thanks for the responses. just out of curiosity Terry4, why do you “declare you have an insulin pump” at airport security? I always just kept my Medtronic pump hidden away in my pocket as I walk through the magnetometer, and since it never sets it off, there is never any additional follow up. just curious, thanks.

It’s my understanding that it needs to be declared before you pass through the magnetometer. It thought that was the TSA protocol. My pump tubing passes over the top of my waist-band and enters my pocket in plain sight. I’d rather do it your way but occasionally my pump without the metal clip will set off the alarm.

hey Terry, thanks for the explanation. I wear my pump the same way you do… the tubing shows coming out over my waist band then goes back down into my front pocket, and I just walk on through the magnetometer. you’re not required to declare legal items to the TSA, and since your pump seldom sets off the alarm, just walk through the magnetometer and don’t worry about it, and in the event you do set off the alarm, just say “I have a medical device” and pull out your pump then… it’s not like you will have been busted doing anything wrong and will be punished or anything.

I so want to leave Medtronic and switch pump companies, but one of the few really good things about Medtronic pumps is that they never (never ever) set off the magnetometers. and going through security every single day with my airline job, having a pump setting off alarms would be a huge inconvenience. Biff

I’m traveling by plane in a few days. I’ll give your tactic a go. The less interaction I have with the TSA, the better.

Most of the airports I fly do the full body scan, so I have to declare. Declaring takes an additional 45 seconds. They make you handle the pump with both hands, then they use a swab to rub your hands and then test the swab. Not a big deal.

my apologies Jim26 and Terry4, I was speaking only about the magnetometers which I walk through every day and where there is no need to remove a pump, as an employee I am never required to use the full-body scanners so I’m obviously in the dark about those procedures! thanks for the clarification.

I never declare my Animas pump but always take off the clip. As a woman, I am usually wearing a sweater, light jacket, or non-tucked in shirt and my waist never shows. I just tuck my clip inside my waistband and it stays put long enough to get through security.

Because I am TSA PreChek, I almost always go through metal detectors instead of scanners. In the very rare instances I set off alarms, I declare the pump. If I have no choice but to use the scanner, I declare my pump and opt for a pat down. I put my Dexcom receiver in my purse along with my phone and it goes through the x-ray.

Terry, how is your dog handled at security?

Norm and I use the magnetometer gate only since the circular “naked” scanner would require me to give up Norm’s leash and lose positive control of my dog, something I can refuse. So just short of the magnetometer gate I put Norm in a sit stay and suggest to the TSA agent my proposed solution. They always agree. When directed by the TSA agent, I walk through without Norm but with the end of his leash. That allows me to clear separately. Once the TSA agent directs me, I then call Norm to walk through.

Norm wears metal ID tags and has a metal carabiner on his neck so he usually sets off the alarm, but not always. I tell the TSA agent that they can pat Norm down and that he’s very friendly. The only danger they face is Norm possibly licking them. What I find humorous when Norm sets off the alarm, they yell out, “Male assist!”

Sometimes they want me to take off Norm’s service vest or leash. I refuse both of these requests. TSA protocol does not require it and if I took the leash off, I would lose control of Norm, something I will not do in this chaotic and legally consequential environment.