Tslim TruSteel infusion sets

I am about to scream and pull my hair out. Since mid March, before starting Tslim, I have been trying to get the 32" TruSteel infusion sets. I received a shipment labeled as 32" but was actually 23". I have called about this and so far have received two more shipments of 23" labeled as 32". All are from the same lot number, #519601, making me think something is mislabeled with this lot number.

They keep telling me that I have to include the infusion set ‘tail’ into the 32". This makes no sense as the whole tail is taped to my body and adds nothing to the tubing length. I just received an email showing me how to measure, with the notation, that standards allow the length to have a variation of two inches. The rep further stated that he had taken an infusion set from the same lot number and it also measured 23 inches but should also include the tail length, and allow for a two inch variation…again from the same lot num.

My CDE/pump trainer has a 32" tubing length TruSteel infusion set, so the 32" does exist.
My question for those having the TruSteel infusion set labeled 32’…how long is the actual tubing length (check lot number if 5191601). If you have a labeled 23", is it actually 18" (so with tail would be 23").

This is further frustrating because with both the Animas and Medtronic versions of TruSteel, I was able to get 43" tubing, so 23" is way too short.

I would be frustrated, too. It seems like the distributor simply doesn’t have the 32" ones and wants you to eat the mistake. You might call the supplier back and tell them you will file paperwork with the FDA about them knowingly selling mislabelled medical supplies. If they don’t have any actual 32" sets, they could refund your money and you could go elsewhere.

Do you get your supplies from a third party distributor? Maybe you should call T:Slim directly and get info from them.

In the end, if you have to keep these mislabeled infusion sets, you might try exchanging them with another user who prefers the 23" sets. I’ve successfully exchanged diabetes supplies on a Facebook pay-it-forward site.

I’ve always used 43" sets and am surprised that many pump users prefer the short 23" sets.

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@Suzan - Their explanation does not make sense.

@Terry4 - What do you measure the length of your tubing as? Not including any of the extra bits and pieces. Just the tubing itself.

I use the Medtronic Silhouette 43" infusion sets. I just measured the tubing only, no connectors, and it measured 44.5".


My first shipment came from Solara. When I called them up to complain, I was told that Solara could do nothing about it, to call Tandem directly. And that is how I got two more shipments labeled 32" but actually 23"…from Tandem. The phone number to call the manufacturer is Unomedical and out of country.

As for going to another supplier, say Edgewood instead of Solara, I wonder if there is anyway I could get them to check the lot number. What is the actual name of the Facebook page?

Before I threaten to go to FDA about mislabelled medical supplies, I want to hear from some Tandem Tslim users who actually have 32" length in boxes labeled as 32". The folks at Tandem just keep telling me that I am measuring wrong and not considering the possible 2" variation. They pay no attention when I tell them my CDE has a 32". She has been trying to get info, but so far no success.

“I’ve always used 43” sets and am surprised that many pump users prefer the short 23" sets."

I also always have used 43" sets with Animas. From what the reps are telling me, those using 23" TruSteel/ contact,detach sets, actually only have 18 inches! Don’t know how they do that.

It sounds like your 32" sets are shorter than our 23" sets.

The Facebook closed group (just request to join) formerly known as the Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Pay-It-Forward group is now known as Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Support Group.

I checked on the FDA site and it looks like it is limited to “adverse event” reporting. Not sure how a too short infusion set could cause an adverse event but it just doesn’t seem right, as a consumer legal matter, that a company could knowingly continue to sell mislabelled medical supplies. There might be another course of legal threat but I think pursuing a trade with another person might be more satisfying.

It does look like the FDA is concerned beyond the “adverse event” threshold that I wrote about above. This FDA web page entitled, How to Report Product Problems and Complaints to the FDA, has links to phone numbers you may call and talk to someone.

Under a heading about the types of problems you may report is this bullet item.

Product quality problems. These issues can happen if a product isn’t working properly or if it has a defect.

Thank you. I have asked to join the support group. When I first complained about the first incorrect shipment, someone on this forum offered to do an exchange because he uses both, but by now I have no idea of who that was (nor how much is shipping).

"32" Sure-T’s (same as what u are referring to) measure just 28". I have complained several times to MM to get the mfgr (Unomedical) to label them HONESTLY. That was more than 10 years ago. sigh.

What do they tell you? Do they say that the ‘tail’ is part of the 32"? With the Animas contact/detach, at one time when I measured the 43" length of tubing, it was only 36". What is happening that Unomedical is shortchanging the tubing length. The contact/detach being only 36" and not 43" didn’t’ inconvenience me a lot, because 36" worked. But 23" instead of 32" just isn’t enough. For the short time that I used a Medtronic SureT, I didn’t notice the length. I know that I can get 43" in another infusion set, but my skin reacts to the canulas,leaving an ugly red mark.

I still hope to hear from Tslim pumpers using the 32". Again, my CDE/pump trainer has sample TruSteel of 32".

Please tell me how the 28" for a labeled 32" has been explained.

They didn’t explain it and they had no excuse. They just said that’s the way that they are made. Can you believe it?

Almost sounds like a company with no fear of competition.

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Considering that they make pretty much all of the infusion sets on the market they probably don’t really care.

I use the 32" kind and they are definitely longer than the 23", but I haven’t measured them. The length does include the tail which is super dumb. They are also noticeably shorter than the similar length Ultraflex sites I used to use.

I guess the actual length depends on the lot number, maybe. Mine definitely measure only 23". I have been in contact with a equipment tech person, very sympathetic and agreed with me. She will pass on info about request for a 43" TruSteel. But not holding my breath. Have decided to not attach tail end to me, let it hang loose as 23" really is too short. My Animas 43" contact/detach was 36" long.

Hi, I don’t like the t:slim TruSteel sets either, but from the steel tip to the end of the tubing it measures ~ 23" including the tail. I agree it’s too short for me by just a few inches. I’d try a 32" but

  1. they were unavailable when I started using TruSteel, and I haven’t remembered yet to check with my order; and
  2. I think 32" would be just too long.

The 32" are not 32". The tubing not counting the tail is only 23-24/5". Too short for me. With contact/detach, I could get the 43" which are actually 36". I have gotten some Verisoft with 43" tubing and can use it with the TruSteel.

The thing is that all these sets are made by Unomedical. And the 43" tubing is available for contact/detach, and the 43" Verisoft tubing can be used with TruSteel, so I don’t understand why 43" tubing is not available for TruSteel. I would rather not have to use some Verisoft just to get some 43" tubing.