TTC and Retinopathy

Has anyone had to deal with a retinopathy diagnosis? During usual eye exam, was recommended for injections in one eye. Responded well, but a year later, was recommended for injections in the second eye also. Have been waiting to start a family (all other indicators look good), but feeling devastated as a 33y/o T1 and waiting another 6-12 months to begin TTC.

I can only speak for myself but I have retinopathy in both eyes and have had shots in both eyes. I believe the retinopathy was a result of uncontrolled T1 diabetes in my youth and then improving my control but maintaining blood sugar levels that were too high. I have not had any shots in my eyes over the last seven years. I have worked hard to improve control (pump, CGM, food management) and identify personal stresses and have lowered both.

My opthomalist is amazed and maintains that if I keep my blood glucose and blood pressure in good control I will not have more problems with my eyes.

I hope that lowering blood glucose and anxiety can achieve the same for you as for me. At lest I know from personal experience that it possible to improve retinopathy.


i have not, but my mom was blind as the result of retinopathy. I will say improvements have been made significantly in treatment. Yes it is scary, trust me I understand it. But it can be treated.