Tu Diabetes: Weekly Video Podcast, Episode #4


(In this episode we have a special guest who introduces himself early on and steals more than a few moments of camera time). :slight_smile:

Also, this week we launched the TuDiabetes.com Wikipedia page, the TuDiabetes Flickr Group and our Online Store.

Two groups about “Diabetes and Sexuality” (one for women, one for men -by invitation only) started this week. Also a new “Diabetic Artists” group and a team of determined members who call themselves the “Weight Loss Team” started out this week.

Among the most popular discussions of the week were: a resurrected topic on “Avandia, Actos and the FDA” and “Diabetics Having Children”.

Also worth seeing is the hilarious video posted by Chuck Lin, titled “Diabetes Roulette”.

PROJECT: The Word In Your Hand
Make sure to post a photo of your hand with a word telling the rest of the world “How has diabetes touched your life?”. This is part of a project we want to bring to life in time for World Diabetes Day, November 14.

You can do this through the TuDiabetes group in Flickr:


Music: today’s podcast had as its background music the beautiful folk track “Let It Ride” by Daniel Sobel. Daniel is a member of TuDiabetes.com and you can enjoy more of his music at myspace.com/danielsobel.

“Balance” Photo: Beth Sobel, a member of TuDiabetes.com (www.monsoonartisans.com)

Background Art: Andreina Davila, also a member of TuDiabetes.com and also the mother of the special guest. :smiley:

See you next Sunday for another weekly update!