TuDiabetes Talks!

Hey TuDiabetes!

I know that some of you are already aware of this, but the TuDiabetes Community Manager @cynthia_rogers has been working hard on re-launching the TuDiabetes Live Interviews that have been a part of our community for years.

Instead of just re-launching and doing it the way it has always been done, Cynthia has thought up the idea of doing a weekly TuDiabetes Talk where people in the community can come together to discuss hot topics from the forum, joke, provide support, and learn from others. Most weeks will include an interview with someone in the diabetes industry or someone that is living life with diabetes.

This new format is more enjoyable when more people show up…so join us! You are personally invited to join the fun every Wednesday at 5pm Pacific on the TuDiabetes Live Streaming Page.

Here is the first TuDiabetes Talks Episode where Cynthia and I talk about the new structure and what we are planning for future episodes:

On the second episode, Cynthia and Rick Phillips interviewed Retinopathy Specialist Arshad Khanani about the work he does reversing a lot of the symptoms of retinopathy:

And last week Cynthia interviewed Anthony Hightower about a recent long bike ride that he did and how he managed his diabetes:

Each week we are learning and getting more comfortable with the new format…so we’re excited to see what happens THIS WEDNESDAY! The special guest will be filmmaker Neil Fleming, and he’ll be discussing the documentary film he made called “Banting and Best.”

If you aren’t able to join us live, you can always catch the archived episodes on the TuDiabetes Video Page, and you can subscribe to the audio podcast of these episodes in iTunes.


Free popcorn!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @mrmikelawson will send it!

Love the new format!!!