TuD Admin team sending emails

Has anybody else received an email about getting a year’s free access to Livongo’s program and getting test strips as well as 24/7 access to a CDE?

The email when to my personal email and not the tudiabetes email. The person -Marie Bernegger- said she got direction from Manny.

I haven’t been following TuD for several years now so I am not aware of most of the changes. In the past things were not conducted this way.

What was the date the email was sent?

@Tim35 It was sent February 21…

And the year?
(Just checking…)

There was a discussion around this here in the forum around Summer 2017 so I was just wondering if it was maybe an older email you were referring to.

Particularly when you mentioned not being on TUD for a few years.

My activity on TuD is very low but I do manage to come here if I have questions and such. For me I don’t use this as a support system anymore. Just a place to bounce questions with knowledgeable people. The question was this year (2018) .