Changes in our Administration Team

I wanted to the the opportunity to make a couple of announcements about recent changes in our Admin team:

1) MelissaBL is now our Lead Administrator.
The Lead Administrator is the head of the administration team for This role is an acknowledgement to Melissa’s undying commitment to the community and her leadership within the Admin team. We are honored to have her as our lead and as a friend!

2) Cherise (a.k.a. DiabeticIzMe) will be taking on more things on the personal front soon.
So she no longer is an administrator for the site. We want to thank her for her dedication and continued support of the community and DHF and continue to count on her (along with Jaimie) heading grassroots efforts in SOCAL.

In connection with these changes, in the coming weeks we will be making more announcements.

As always, thanks to everyone for your support. Remember there are many ways in which you can help:

  • You can report any suspicious behavior you see in the community using the Contact Us link at the bottom of all pages.
  • You can participate in the Welcome Committee.

Congrats, Mel! Wishing you all the best Cherise! We want to see you ‘around’ still :slight_smile:

Congratulations Melissa! And hope Cherise enjoys abit of R&R from the admin role - you deserve it!!!

Congratulations, Melissa!

And I notice some changes on the homepage, too - a more concise recent forum activity section and such. Can you post more details about changes to the homepage?