TuDiabetes.com Terms of Use

All the information, commentaries and reviews presented in TuDiabetes.com are meant as a reference only. They are not intended to replace professional medical care.

Before making any decisions related to the management of your diabetes of the diabetes of someone in your care, make sure to consult with your network of medical professionals.

Our Mission:

The goal of TuDiabetes.com is to provide members with a space where they can freely exchange ideas and information and network with other people touched by diabetes in a comfortable and fun environment.

To that extent:

About Membership: people who are touched by diabetes in some way are welcome with open arms. Potential members representing companies or network marketers who want to be a part of the community need to contact info@tudiabetes.org and disclose who they represent before joining. If a member is found to be a company representative or a network marketer after they have joined the community, this can be cause for being banned from the community.

About Advertising and Promotion:
It is OK to refer other members to other resources and talk about what you do to other members. It is NOT OK to advertise or promote products or services without the explicit consent of the site administrator(s). This includes promoting charities, asking for donations or using one’s “My Page” for self-promotion purposes, without contributing back to the community. If you want to advertise your product(s) or service(s) within TuDiabetes.com, contact info@tudiabetes.org.

About SPAMMING: It is OK to make useful on-topic contributions to the site. It is not OK to send SPAM messages to members or post the same message repeatedly across the site.

About Harassment and Insults: It is OK to disagree about topics of discussion: we embrace diversity. It is NOT OK to insult or harass others because you disagree with them. This includes racial or religious slurs.

About Profanity and Obscenity: It is NOT OK to use profanity/obscenity in your posts, photos, videos or any other media posted on the site. Member contributions deemed to be offensive may be deleted without notice, including cases of abbreviations or quotes of dirty language.

About Trolling and Flaming: Members attempting to bait other members into destructive dialogue are known as Trolls. Trolling and inflammatory posts will be treated on a case-by-case basis, and could be subject to deletion if they are deemed to disrupt the free flow of discussion or if the post may start a flame war.

User contributions deemed to be in violation of these terms of use, local, state or federal statutes, or judged otherwise unacceptable, may be moved, edited or deleted at the sole discretion of TuDiabetes.com without notice or explanation. Repeat violations of these terms of use may result in the violating member getting banned from the site. However it is not necessary for a member to incur in multiple violations of the Terms of Use to get banned.

Content posted on the web site needs to be comply with copyright laws. Not sure if you are violating copyright laws? Easy: a general rule of thumb is not to paste entire articles (you can paste a link to the article source with a little introductory blurb as an option) and not to post photos and videos that you don’t own the rights to. Any exceptions to this? If the author/owner of the article, photo or video specifically states that the content posted can be reused elsewhere without asking for permission, then it is OK to do so. Otherwise, do not assume this is the case.

Items thought to be in violation of copyright can be removed from the site without notification.

License of Content
Members may reproduce for their own personal, non-commercial use, any and all content located on TuDiabetes.com.

Members retain ownership of posted comments and any other contributions they make in TuDiabetes.com.

Content submitted to TuDiabetes.com may be selected to be reused in other formats (video, audio, print).

Privacy Policy
TuDiabetes is a network open to the public. As a result, when you post on any area of TuDiabetes, you do so understanding that your posts can be read by others who may or may not be members of TuDiabetes. Additionally, the contributions you make may be picked up by search engines.

Because you may voluntarily disclose any Personal Data in these public areas, you should be careful about the information you choose to disclose. TuDiabetes does not control that disclosure, and is not liable in any way for anyone’s use or misuse of the information in the disclosure. In other words, use caution and judgment here: if you wouldn’t want a piece of information to be read by others, do not post it.

Members understand that aggregated data about their use of the site, not individually-identifiable, will be analyzed to track trends to improve web site organization and content.

No private information (such as your email) will be disclosed or sold to third parties without the member’s consent and knowledge.

Members may be contacted on a personal basis by TuDiabetes.com personnel via private messages.

Acceptance of Terms
By using TuDiabetes.com, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of use detailed below. If you do not agree with any of these, do not use TuDiabetes.com.

TuDiabetes.com reserves the right to modify the terms of use, with such modification being effective immediately upon posting of terms. Your continued use of TuDiabetes.com after the posting of any amended Terms of Use shall constitute your agreement to be bound by any such changes.

This agreement comprises the entire agreement and supersedes any previous agreements.