Disclaimer, the Fine Print and all that Good Stuff

Recent discussion topics have made me think that it is my duty as the founder of TuDiabetes, to remind everyone about the disclaimer we have on our Terms of Use, which I have also added as the very first thing you see when you arrive to the site (at least for now):
"All the information, commentaries and reviews presented in TuDiabetes.com are meant as a reference only. They are not intended to replace professional medical care."

What NO MEMBER posts can be a substitute for the expert opinion of professional medical care providers. Even more so: in the future, we will be having medical professionals joining the ranks of TuDiabetes, but it continues to be the responsibility of each of us as persons affected by diabetes or in care of someone with diabetes, to take the information and advice we receive here, process it and consult with our network of doctors before taking any action.

Having said that, we don’t all need to agree about how we approach our treatment of diabetes. What we need to do (and the exchange so far has remained so) is always listen and be respectful of other people’s opinions and ideas. Though it may sound as if only “extreme” points of view could lend themselves to upsets, etc. sometimes even the slightest comments about the most innocent things hit the “right key”, creating an unstable situation.

So, remember:
1) We are responsible for our own health decisions and ultimately we should run any doubts we have about our treatments by our health providers.
2) Even if you disagree with someone else’s point of view, make sure to always listen first and show respect towards the other member when you reply.