TuDiabetes is a place where

Inspired by a great “TuDiabetes moment” today, I wanted to hear all your favorite TuDiabetes moments! Or just your favorite things about this community…

TuDiabetes is a place where…
… a 14 year old can give great advice to a newly diagnosed adult.

TuDiabetes is a place where…
…a blog by a tatooed 30-something Nascar-loving midwesterner can move this 50-something quilt artist - New York Times-reader to tears

…we can learn from others, teach each other, motivate each other! I can cry while I type and curse my diabetes without people thinking I’m crazy! We are all family!!! This disease has brought us together…

I could go on and on!!!


Tudiabetes is a place where…
…people can say some really nice, engouraging, uplifting, positive, and ( I can go on forever) things to other people.

TuDiabetes is where I can meet new friends and people who ‘just get it’ when I say I’m fighting health insurance, I try to be good at BG levels but have a site go bad, or ate the wrong food etc… No meanness and skepticism about me.

TuDiabets is a place where …

… I can smile & laugh at watching “The Betes” videos and actaully feel normal being diabetic :slight_smile:

Tu Diabetes is where I can laugh, cry, talk, complain, care, hug and reach out to people all over the world. And they reach right back and give me the same thing. It is our family, our home. And truly Ubuntu. I am because we are.

TuDiabetes is a place where you can get ideas on how to make your Endo’s advice work in the real world.

TuDiabetes is a place where… I have met some of the most admirable people I know.

TuDiabetes is a place where you can make fun of really really bad Endos.

TuDiabetes is a place where… my papasmurf is!

TuDiabetes is a place where you can feel normal and you don’t get strange looks for having tubes coming out of your body, for pricking your finger or for giving yourself shots.

…is a refuge, a sanity check, and a sounding board that, all tolled, make up a really amazing group of people.

…you can get “real-world” advice and conversation about diabetes from diabetics…the people who really know what they’re talking about :wink:

tuDiabetes is a place… without frontiers, where people seem to be all my friends… where I learn so much .
A very happyland! With so much nice blogs.

TuDiabetes is a place where… wow, I’m no longer alone and people actually know what I’m talking about.

TuDiabetes is a place where… I go when I should be working.

SO true!!! Oops…

… I learned that I’m not the only one who uses their pump as a flashlight!