TuDiabetes on Diabetic Living, Better Homes and Gardens

Great news! TuDiabetes has been featured in the Sprint 2010 edition of Diabetic Living, Better Homes and Gardens!!

You can see the yummy cover AND the article in the attached PDF files.

Magazine cover


Oh cool! Im not subscribed to the magazine but I often see it at my Endo office. Great news indeed.


yeah! Our dear member Kelly Rawlings is an editor at Diabetic Living.

Kewl - very VERY good article. You’re not kidding about that yummy cover (am fighting high BG’s today - can looking at a picture cause them to go up even more I wonder >??? ).
I’ll have to see if I can pick up a copy when I go the US next month. Here it would cost about $12CDN, believe it or not!