Diabetes Forecast Article

We are pleased to announce that TuDiabetes.org was mentioned in an article in the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Forecast magazine (Dec 2009 issue):

Special thanks to Kristin for her mention of our community in the interview she gave on her own success story with diabetes!

Love the positive stories from can-do people!

Yay, Kristin!

Kudo’s to the author, Tracey Nethercott, who snagged a few of us from TuDiabetes for the article.

Great job.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

It was the first thing I noticed when I got my mag… Way to go Kristin…

Terry was also featured here, including a picture in his awesome type 1 shirt!!!

Way to go on quitting cold turkey, Terry, and two marathons… well, that’s amazing!

Congratulations to both Kristen and Terry ( active TU members ) and all the others mentioned in the article … Diabetes Champions are being recognized by the ADA and having a chance to be profiled and likely coach others in their endeavors !