TuDiabetes Passed 3,000 Members

Dear Friends:
We just passed 3,000 members. 3,000 folks touched by diabetes. 3,000 people that are sharing with others about they go through, about what their loved ones go through every single day… it’s quick to say but we all know it’s not quick to go through.

This family keeps growing and the warm and cozy feel is still here. Each of you make it possible, when you welcome a new member, when you answer someone else’s question, when you share a story, a photo or a video. Community that feels like one big family.

Thanks to each and every one of you: we should all feel proud of this important milestone!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Let’s get to 6,000!

We will, I am sure. :slight_smile:

Many Congrats, Manny. Your efforts here have brought many good things to you and others

Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! We really need to begin work on the first TuDiabetes live convention someplace, don’t we?!

Congratulations Manny…I know I am so glad I found TuDiabetes!!

A convention! WOA! That would be cool… we just need more hours in a day! We will get there.


I knew we were coming close!!!

Hey Manny that’s along way from when we only had like was it 250 members working our way to 500! HA! Good going!