10,000 Members on TuDiabetes

We’ve reached 10,000 members!!!

10,000… It’s hard to believe the community has grown so much!

To celebrate this milestone, a group of very well known folks in the diabetic community along with another group of diabetes vloggers, sent their congratulations:

How exciting:) {{{{Thanks Manny for all you have done}}}}

that is sooooo wonderful! it’s exciting to see the community grow =) great job to all those you have helped make TuD such a success!

=D Thanks once again, for building this community. I dont know what I would have done without this site.

Thanks to YOU for making the community what it is… Funny, as we near the milestone, new members seem to be joining much more slowly! :smiley:

Why does it say 9985 when I querry “members” and 9991 under “spread the word”? Shouldn’t both numbers be in sync with each other? Regardless; it is a big moment when the actual 10,000 member shows up.

Does #10,000 win a new car!!!

If so, I’m so creating a bunch of new accounts…

Funny, Martin Anna just registered as a new member …

Manny, you rock! I think we all really appreciate all that you do.

Woo hoo!!
::high five::
Congrats Tu and Manny.
What an awesome milestone!

4 members to go!!! Rock. On.

9996! Yahoo!

Did anybody say surprise?1? Where??? LOL. More power to TuDiabetes! Thank you,Manny.

eeek I have been watching the members list going up steadily since the test in, how exciting =D Thanks manny x x x

Thanks Manny and everyone on TuDiabetes that have worked so hard to keep it going. This is a fantastic site. To many, many more years!!

is it a pony?

Watch now… it’s the two videos above. Enjoy and celebrate, everyone!!

Very cool my friend. Very cool indeed!

Congratulations to all who have made this wonderful website thrive and grow!

When I first got diagnosed I sarcastically told a friend who also had diabetes, “Well, I’ve joined your damn club!”

Now I can unsarcastically say that I feel like I am a member of a very special club made up of people who are willing to go the extra mile to take care of themselves and live healthy with this disease and to provide unlimited support to others who want to do the same.

the videos are awesome! i’m so glad i can be part of this awesome community! congrats on the 10,000+ members!