TV Show ADDICTED Featuring Type 1

Did anyone catch the show "Addicted" on TLC this weekend? There was an episode about a 26 year old kid named Kevin who was addicted to alocohol. He would just POUND vodka straight up, drinking over a gallon per day. No one around- just drinking, gulping, drowning himself in vodka.

He's been doing it for five years already and he only eats one meal per day- usually when he's finished pounding a full bottle of vodka.

Then he throws up, and passes out. He has pots all over his apartment filled with puke. And owns almost nothing but empty vodka bottles.

So, "Addicted" follows him around for a few days while he's still bingeing, and then they put him into a Detox program and we follow him for 120 days while he's trying to be sober.

But, here's the kicker. He's TYPE 1 DIABETIC too. We watch him take the ambulance while we're with him for only the first three days. He wakes up shaking with a low because the vodka is still in his system... and then of course he's going to skyrocket BG as soon as his liver can function to dump the glucose into his blood.

He's a MESS.

Just wondering if anyone else on here feels weird watching REAL LIFE type 1s on TV. It seems like there are a few episodes on TV (Like "House") which will show an actor PORTRAYING type 1... but is it weird for you to see a real life type 1 on TV?