Two Questions

So I’ve done a lot of research on the Omnipod, and will be starting in December when I’m back home. The questions I have are …
How close must the PDM and the pod be when they are “communicating”?
Do you have to completely fill the pod with insulin or can you fill it with just the amount you think you will use over three days?.. I’m worried about wasting insulin.
Thanks for any help!!

well the pdm and pod have to be close during the primming and when your giving yourself a bolus, and YOU CAN feel your pod up to w,e you think is the right amount, you dont need 200. =]

I’ve heard you have to put the pdm basically on the pod to get it to work is that true or can you just be holding it in front or on a table and it will still connect? Thanks again!

I think it needs to be fairly close but not right on top of it. Only fill it w/enough insulin to last 3 days.

I believe my CDE said that it takes 80 or 85 units to activate the pod. You can download the manual from the omnipod website. It’s in there somewhere. Next time I’m reading I’ll look.

The PDM can communicate with the pod from as far as about 18-24 inches, in my experience.
I always fill my pods with 125 units, which is about 3.5 days’ worth of insulin on average for me.